Written by CHRISTINA

16 Sep 2007

I've had a few threesomes so far in my life but only with one man and another girl. They were great fun and very sexy, but, i have always wanted a threesome with two guys. I'm a 27 year old woman and i think most women would secretly enjoy a threesome with two guys or more but most wouldn't like to admit it as they would feel it made them a slut, but I'm very open sexually and I'm not ashamed to speak out about sex. I have a male friend(alan) who is extremely into swinging, and has regular threesomes with his girlfriend(linda). He tells me about all these encounters he has had with Linda and various men at different times and locations, he is straight, but gets a real kick from seeing Linda receive pleasure from other guys. I think it's fantastic and shes a lucky woman. I told him i would really like to experience that, although, i find thought of it extremely sexy, it also intimidates me. He reassured me that i should just go ahead and do it that he thinks i'd really enjoy it. I'm not a shy person, i'm 5'9, blond, blue eyed, slim with an athletic figure and lets put it this way, i turn heads where ever i go. I don't find it difficult to strike up a conversation with a guy i find attractive. The trouble is, how do you just walk up to a guy and ask him for a threesome with him and his buddy? i'm sure they'd love it, but that, i would find difficult to do.

Anyway, i have always been very attracted to Alan, he's 10 years older than me, tall, really cute face, looks a little Greek, confident by nature and very powerful looking all of which i find a real turn on. I have never met his girlfriend but he speaks very highly of her.

So, one Saturday night out with my girls about 3 weeks ago, I bumped into Alan in a local bar. He was with his good friend mike. Alan looked gorgeous, cleanly shaved, in a black stylish shirt and blue jeans.. a killer look in any girls book! I had meet mike a few times and he looked quite the gent too. We all got chatting, and during the course of the evening sank many glasses of good white wine. My girl fiends disappeared at an earlier stage and left me in the very capable hands of Alan and mike. I was having a fantastic time, laughing, joking, dancing and both men were flirting uncontrollably with me all night. In the mist of having such a great time, i didn't even notice my friends had gone and i was supposed to be staying over at one of thiers' house, i think she was just annoyed that it wasn't her at the centre of all the attention the two guys were showing me. So, by now it was 5am and the late night bar was kicking us out. Alan tried to get me a cab back to my friends but, none were available. He told me not to worry and that i could stay at his with, if i did'nt mind, mike in the spare room. I had no choice, so we walked to Alan's house which was a 5 minute walk.

When we arrived, i felt quite nervous. Alan showed us to our room. He gave me one of his shirts to wear to bed. Mike waited outside whilst I got undressed and into the soft white shirt that was far too big for me. I whispered to Mike that it was OK to enter and he came in. We had to keep our voices down as Alan's girlfriend Linda was asleep in the next room. I got into the warm single bed whilst Mike proceeded to undress down to his boxer shorts. I had quite a shock when i saw Mike's body, he was in good shape for a guy in his thirties. My pussy started to throb with excitement as he got in next to me. We were both pretty drunk and he started to tickle me, i started to giggle and he continued to tickle me faster and in different places. I laughed really loud and he very quickly got on top of me and put his hand over my mouth to stop me waking Linda. There was a second or two of eye contact and then he slowly pulled his hand away and started to kiss me. He was a really great kisser and i could feel myself getting more and more turned on. He started to move down my body, he unbuttoned the white shirt to reveal my small tits and began to play with my nipples which were already extremely erect and hard. He started sucking and squeezing them hard. He then moved further down my body to my pussy. I was wearing Brazilian style black nickers which looked very sexy against my tanned skin. He started to rub my clit through my nickers and said he could see how wet i was through them. He pulled my nickers to one side and moaned when he saw my pussy, he said 'oh my god, your pussy is amazing. I love big juicy pussy lips like yours.' That made me so horny, i grabbed his head and buried it hard into my warm wet pussy. He started to lick and suck on my pussy lips furiously.

About two minutes later Alan walked in on us. Incially i felt a bit embarrassed, but then his girlfriend came in behind him and shut the door. They both stood there watching Mike eat my pussy. Mike didn't even come up for breath he just carried on working at my clit. I looked at Alan stood there with his hand down his boxers clearly very excited and then looked at Linda (she was beautiful, tall, brunette, big tits and in a very sexy silk black night dress) who was stood behind Alan rubbing herself. I couldn't quite believe what was happening, but i just went with it. Next, I heard Alan say 'Mike, move out the way mate, i want to lick her now'. I was so excited i could hardly contain myself. As Mike and Alan swapped posistions Alan said to Linda 'get on your kness babe, i want to see you suck his cock and don't stop until I say'. She just nodded and followed his demands. Alan came right up close to my pussy and started to study it. I thought, 'whats he doing' but it was so horny watching him taking in every detail of my private area. Then he just started to go crazy down there. It was like he hadn't eaten for days, he was starving and my pussy was the first meal he'd seen! It felt amazing. Then he told me he wanted to see me suck Mike's dick, he waved Mike over and pushed Mike towards my mouth. I started to suck him. Alan was still working at my pussy as he called Linda over to help him. So, there i was, a guy and a girl fighting to lick my pussy and another guy with his big dick in my mouth. Heaven! Alan was the one in control of all of us, the powerful one, just the way i had fantasied about it. He moved me onto all fours and told Linda to go get the condoms. She did as she was told. Mike and Alan were now both behind me by my arse playing with thier dicks whilst poking at my pussy and rubbing my clit. Linda came in and sat in between them on the bed and started to suck thier cocks in turn, she looked really filthy. I was looking over my shoulder at what was going on and could resist teasing my clit at the same time. I could have come right there and then, but I wanted to save it, I was enjoying it far too much to have it stop so early on. Linda, then, turned around to be confronted by my pussy and arse in the air.. just then she licked my arsehole and my pussy, she then picked out two a condoms and put one on each cock. Alan got onto his back and Linda guided me towards his cock. She smacked my arse and then spat onto my arsehole. She then grabbed Alan's cock and helped me put my arse on top of it while she slowly eased it in. I was now on top of Alan, facing him, with his cock up my arse, Next she grabbed Mike's dick and laied next to alan and guided it into her pussy. I started fucking Alan hard and Mike started fucking Linda hard. Mike started to groan as he watched me fuck his mate and he continued fucking Linda. He sounded as if he was about to come so she pushed him off, pulled off the condom and said 'come in my mouth'. With this Alan pulled me off him, took off the condom, knelt next to Mike and forced my head onto his dick and started to fuck my face.As us girlies were sucking off the men, we both looked up at thier faces and rubbed our clits together! Mike came first all over Linda's face as he came it all got too much for Alan and he held my head trusting it back and forth until he came in my mouth which i gladly swallowed. As i that happened Linda came and then they all pushed me onto my back and all three of them went crazy on me, sucking my tits, licking my pussy lips and sucking my clit and Alan was slapping my arse telling me that he wanted to see me come now! With that i came so hard and loud i thought i would wake the whole street!

After this we all sat on the bed and Linda and i started to chukle and then so did the boys. I said 'well, that was fun' and they all agreed with big smiles on thier faces. Alan said he had to go get some sleep and Linda and i said goodbye with a snog. Alan and Linda went to bed, Mike got into the single bed and fell asleep quite quickly. I decided i best get home. I called a cab from my mobile and waited quietly until it arrived downstairs. I left and couldn't stop smilling all the way home.

I haven't seen Alan, Mike or Linda since, but i'm sure i know they are going to this party in a couple of weeks which i am going to too. I would recommend to anyone that if they want to do this to go for it, i only wish i had listened to Alan earlier. I expect there will be more stories in the future coming from me, so, watch this space and i hope you enjoyed my story as much as i enjoyed writting it.