Written by Danny

3 Feb 2018

So myself and my wife went out an innocent night out in Birmingham just before Christmas without the kids .we stopped in a premier inn i was hopeful of a big of action and I bought some champers and got her some lingerie which I put in the case as a surprise ,anyway we went out and were both drunk .we were in a bar about ready to call it a night when I guy ,Craig ,Sat down next to us with a bottle of wine ,he said he was on a works do and the wine was free he topped up are glasses and we were all chatting having a laugh .I noticed my wife was flirting with him .when he went back to the bar i said to her you fancy him don't you ,she said he was hot but she's with me and she's just playing ,she also thought he might be gay .I laughed ,when he came back and after get more wine i said that abbie thinks your gay are you ,he laughed and told us he's bi .I've had a thing for gay porn which my wife didn't know and completely out of character i asked him if he would like to come to our room cuz I think we both like you .my wife looked at me and smiled .I didn't think she would be up for it and I was going to say I was joking but before I knew it we were in a taxi on are way back to the hotel ,abbie was Sat between us and began kissing us both she had her hand on Craig's crotch .when we got to the room we all started to miss each other ,then my wife dropped to her knees and pulled out Craig's cock she started to suck it ,I got down as well and we took it in turns to suck .it was the first dock if sucked but I was so turned on .we all got naked and fell on the bed Abi and Craig we kissing and I got back on his cock .then Abbie moved me a side and got on him .I moved up and started to wank over Craig's face he was soon licking my shaft and ducking my wife i hadn't seen her this into it for ages .I was so turned on watching her moan and shake and the fact this felt wrong and exciting at the same time I quickly came and it was dripping out the side of Craigs mouth .abbie soon followed and climaxed and so did Craig .after about an hour lying together Craig went home .in the micdle of the night me and abbie had the best sex we had been in ages i finished and she had her finger in my ass as I came and we did stuff we wouldn't normally do .the next morning we were both unsure what to say to each other but after a bit of awkwardness we spoke about it and it's sort of been forgotten .we have not seen Craig since but it was one of the best nights I've ever had