Written by richard

17 Feb 2007

This is how we started swinging. some years ago my wife agreed to go too a house party for Liberated couples Only. It was a nice party within a large house in the Country.We had a few drinks and wandered off and did a bit of flirting on our own. Things got started after an hour or so and people were snogging in doorways and any convenient corner when i noticed my wife with a bloke in the kitchen. They were just flirting and it was when i saw her laughing with him I knew she was stirring. A mild sense of panic nearly overcame me,my wife enjoying the attentions of another man,at a swingers party. I knew i would have to watch them or: or ? I might miss something? The feeling of adrenillin rushing is a one i love in such a situation I went into the kitchen and pretended to walk casually past them and asked if she was OK? Sure, fine she beamed. almost dismissing me as a woman can. I regained control and went back to the other rooms. My erection was solid,breasts out all over and one woman eating a mans cock on a rug in front of the fire to cheering from the raunchy crowd. I had better see if she is still in the kitchen! my mind was racing because when I peered around the door into said room they had GONE! Where was she? She wouldn,t would she? My mind was in turmoil, after years of me trying to entice her she was off with a man getting Goodness knows what??? I almost ran from room to room, then at the top of the stairs I saw them! she was sitting on the top step skirt around her waist, no knickers, he was threeor four steps down facing her with his erection in her mouth her fist around the shaft. I froze,thank goodness. and watched my beutifull wife enjoying herself. his trousers dropped to his ankles as he started thrusting into her mouth gently and her hand reached round and tickled his hairy butt,another guy knelt behind her and undid her top too release her breasts, he then gently and erotically stroked her breasts and nipples. She lay back on the landing with her cheeks on the edge of the step and the hairy arsed guy struggled up with his trousers down and mounted her there and then, She came almost immediatlly as he jerked into her and the other guy wanked over them shooting spunk all over i hadnt even got my load out of my trousers, they were soaked inside when i saw him clench his hairy bum and fill her up himself. I now look at my wife in a different light! we no longer go to parties because my heart is dicky! but i can vivdly remember her getting laid at that do and others and loveed to see men fancying her and doing her while i watched. enjoy wot ever turns yoo on!