Written by Lynd7635

14 Jun 2010

We had been on SH for sometime looking to meet with a guy for a drink and a bit of a flirt.We got speaking to a guy called Joe and after a couple emails and chats we arranged to meet.Ronnie my wife had seen his picture and got a few emails from him and she found him attractive and was looking forward o meeting him.

We arranged to meet in a pub in Reigate and intially the idear was just to meet and see if we got on.We arrived a the pub and stood around waiting after about 10 mins Joe arrived.We got some drinks and stood chattng about general things.We then moved to a table I sat on a chair and let Ronnie and Joe sit together on the bench.Ronnie had on a very short denim skirt and hi heeled cloggs and a small white thong.

As she sat you could clearly see up her skirt and tiny thong.We continued to talk and we spoke about our profile and if Joe liked the pictures on there and did he like the others I sent him.After about an hour ,Joe went to the toilet and I asked Ronnie if she fancied and liked him ,she said yes and I said shall we go to a carpark she replied yes.

On Joes return Ronnie went to the toilet and I asked Joe if he liked her,which he did.I also asked if he wanted to go to a carpark to take some pictures,and he did.

We left the pub and made our way to a carpark near Box hill and position the cars .Ronnie got out of the car and went on the back seat to do a little show for us,whilst we stood and wanked out side.Ronnie sat on the back seat and pulled up her skirt and played with herself as we wanked.Rubbing her clit and pulling her thong to one side.

I then got Joe to pose with her wanking his cock anmd the with her arse in the air with his hard cock inches from her pussy.The carpark we choose was not the best ,so joe suggested a more secluded one.We followed him there and Ronnie got on back seat again opened her legs and wanted Joe to lick her pussy.He went down between her legs and started to lick her pussy.Ronnie was moaning and gyrated on his tongue and she orgasmed with a big moan.She tehn sat up on the edge of the seat ,legs open I said now give Joe some back.She started to suck his cock and lick up and down his shaft and cup his balls.

After a while and a couple of pictures later we took a break.

Joe went to his car,I asked Ronnie if she wanted to fuck him she said she did but another time.So we said goodbye to Joe and soon we will meet again