Written by Jacque

22 Nov 2008

I am 24 and married to a great guy - Bret. Before we were married though I can’t think of a time when I ever turned down a guy. I had great sex, a lot. One thing I learned though was that I’m a bit of a sub. I don’t like the rough stuff, but I do like a man that knows what he wants and can tell me what to do. That almost always gets me off. Bret knows this, and often orders me around – to both of our enjoyments.

So Bret had a two of his work friends, Seth and Roger, over for drinks last Friday night. Well into the evening when we were all feeling no pain, we were all talking about sex, laughing and having a great time. Out of the blue, with no warning, no foreplay, nothing, Bret told me to suck his dick. I was taken aback, with his friends there and all. But having heard this order so many times before, I had to assume he meant it. Anyway, he said everyone there had seen his cock, at the gym if nowhere else, so it wasn’t like anyone would see anything new. I suppose this sort of made sense, though the alcohol may have been clouding my judgment. Anyway, like a good wife, I got on my knees and proceeded to unleash his cock and give it a good licking.

I was sort of first, but what with Bret’s dick in my mouth and everyone cheering me on, I began to get into it. So I decided to really put on a show, and ended up giving him an awesome blow job. By the time I was done, he was on the floor begging for me to finish him off. Which I did in style, making sure everyone got a great view of the money shot. I felt like such a slag, with his come all over my face, but that’s what seems to work in the porn vids we’ve watched.

By then I was so hot I wanted more, but needed Bret to tell me what to do. I so wanted him to tell me to blow Seth and Roger (I’ve heard Roger is hung!), and I would have spread my legs for any of them by this point. But instead, Bret told me to go to our room, take my dress off, and lay on the bed. I did as I was told and was soon naked on the bed with my pussy wet and willing. I had hopes this meant that there would be three people joining me shortly, but I heard Seth and Roger leaving. Bret came into the room, and to be fair, fucked me good and hard. I came several times, and enjoyed myself immensely. Bret made me admit that I wanted to fuck everyone and then called me a slut while he was fucking me.

Now I can’t stop thinking about how hot it would be to be ordered to suck and fuck Seth and Roger. Mid-week, I saw Roger at a party. He tried to grope me a bit and told me how hot Friday had made him. Honestly, I let him feel me up pretty well before I made him stop. He asked what it would take to get a blow job. I told him that I do whatever Bret orders me to do, so take it up with him.

The boys came over again tonight, and I was so wet and ready for a repeat performance that I was on the verge of coming all night. But Bret never gave me an order. Not once. I’m frustrated once again! I don’t know if he’s playing with me, or is that oblivious.