Written by Kojo1985

20 Dec 2009

Ive written before about my very first experience with a couple (search my username if you want to read it) and I thought Id tell you about another one.

This experience was exactly how I like to play, chatted online briefly, then just arranged to meet at their house and get stuck in, no messing around. From chatting Mark told me that he was bi and they loved to play with guys together, not having done anything bi before I was a bit unsure but they said we would just play it by ear and see what I was comfortable with.

Anyway, on to the meet. I drove to their house and I was pretty nervous and excited... Mark greeted me at the door and we chatted and made small talk in the kitchen for a while before moving onto the couch in the lounge where I meet a Sue, a very slim and sexy woman who looked like she loved to fuck. She sat in the middle between the 2 of us, Mark began rubbing Sue's thigh and I followed his example rubbing her pussy through her trousers. She took off her trousers and i played with her pussy and was pleased to find a piercing, which was a first for me. I rubbed, licked and sucked her shaved pussy and watched as mark slid his fingers into her...

Mark then told her to start sucking me, i pulled my trousers open and she instantly put her mouth over my cock. Mark was not on the floor working at her pussy but I could see him eying my cock, I was close to just saying for him to suck me too but I couldn't get myself to do it and just watched as got Sue wet. Sue was hungry for cock and she was pushing herself down and gagging on me, I was loving how hard she was swallowing my cock.

We got down on the floor and I slipped a condom on, Sue was already on all fours, she knew what she wanted, Mark was kneeling beside her and as I moved up behind her he told me to she loved having her ass licked first. I dived in and licked and probed her, making her moan. I was dying for a fuck now and I knelt up, Mark was close to me and he held her ass cheeks apart as I slid into her wet pussy. I was pretty worked up and really had to control myself not to cum too soon, Mark was watching really close and still holding her cheeks open. Then he moved his hands and actually guided me out and rubbed Sue clit with my cock, I really didn't know how I would feel about having a guy touch me like that but I didn't care at that point and im all for new experiences.

I started to fuck her hard and could feel myself getting close, after slowing down a couple times I just went for it, cumming hard into her and fucking her as deep as I could. As I pulled out and took the condom off Mark was straight in saying 'let me clean that up' and before I could do anything he was sucking the cum off my cock, after a minute I moved round and Sue got my cock back in her mouth and started sucking me hard again while Mark got behind her and started fucking her hard and fast, he didn't last long and was soon spunking into her while she moaned on my cock.

We got dressed and I left soon after as that was the way they liked to do things, but it was a quick meet and was an eye opener for me. Ive not had a meet like this since, i did enjoy it and I wouldn't rule it out doing it again, but Im happy meeting just straight couples at the moment!