Written by luckyhusband

26 Jun 2013

My wife and i are expeienced swingers and she has developed a taste for single men that I am more than happy to encourge. swinging is a limited game as people age and my wife certainly wants to enjoy as much cock in her as she can before her 'sell-by date'. She is now in her sixties with a size 10 body and 36D tis. We often go to Amsterdam and Paris and men in their thirties queue up to fuck her.

We went recently to Paris so she could be fucked by youmg men. We ent to our favuorite club on the Friday night and she wore normal clothes as the club is upmarket. She was asked to dance by two men alomst as soo as we arrived and as I went to the bar for her wine she danced with both men. She sat down afterwards and had her first glass of wine and after about twenty minute and another glass she decided to go upstairs. The room was very dark and she st on th edge of the bed whilst a man got his cock out as she removed her skirt ready for a fuck with strangers. She put a condom on his cock lay back, opended her legs and enjoyed her first fuck of the night. A couple were next to her with a man watching his wife being fucked. As she lay back with the young man up her cunt the other man leaned over and felt her nipples. I stripped off and wanbked off looking at my wife closing her lags around the back of the young man fucking her. He soon pumped his spunk up my wife's cunt and got off her. She sat up and looked at the five or more cocks being wanked off in front of her, chose one she liked and lay back for another fucking.

She then got dressed and we had a glass or two of wine and chatted to the hosts - we both speak French

A litle later she danced ith a man and then with two man, provokatively pushing her cunt towards them and they had a play with her tits in turn on the dance floor. Anywhere else and all three would have been arrested as her tits were fully exposeec by the men.

The three of then went upstairs on their own. I wnet up about twenty minutes later to see my wife in the large playroom with a cock in her cunt, one in each hand and onein her mouth. I again stripped and masturbated in public whils tmy wife was being fucked by four complete strangers in public.

Each had their turn in her mpouth and cunt before we went downstairs. As we sat men passed and my wife commented on whether the man had fucked her or not. That was the most sexual part of the evening - my wife saying that the man had fucked her or had not yet fucked her.

She then said that she was going upstairs on her own. I di not follow and about forty minutes later she came down again. She carried her clothes and only wore stockings and a suspender belt. She told me that she had been shagged by every man upstairs (six) and that she wqas ready for a massive wank. I went to get her a glass of wine and when I returned she was open legged in the bar having a wank. A woman was sucking her nipple and I watched her orgasm in public three times before she had the drink I had bought.

We are going again soon and I hope many young men get to fuck my wife as her cunt may be old but is it wet and certaily gets young cocks hard and readily to cum up her cunt which she loves. As long as she wants to fuck young men I shall support her, buy her the sexy clothes to attract men and the condoms for her to use as often as she wants