Written by phoneking

17 Dec 2007

Hi,i posted a note on here a while back about my girlfriend Lesleys exploits. Just to get you up to date,she had a very brief fling with a rep who calls at her shop in Rochester. This was with my knowledge. He was/is a very forceful type and TOLD her he would be round the following Friday evening to our house for an evening of fun and he said he would be bringing his mate along even though Lesley said she wasnt interested.

The Friday in question came around very quickly.I was working in Chichester some 2 hours away on that day and would not return until at the very earliest 7:30ish. I had in my excitement purchased her some great underwear for the occasion which she liked but as the day drew nearer she grew more and more reluctant about the whole thing.

On three occasions in the week i used a large vibrator on her whilst she sucked me to climax,one evening she even started sucking the vibrator whilst i fucked her. This really turned me on as she had not done this before.

The week passed slowly. He(and his mate)were due at 7:00pm and it was Friday morning. We were both gettng ready for work and she told me she was ready to call it all off.

I held her and we cuddled for a while. I said if she really didnt want to go through with it i would understand and we could forget the whole thing.

She thought about it for a bit and then started to gently stroke my cock.

I had been getting the best erections of my life all week just thinking about me walking in on her with two guys.

She knelt down and started to lick the end of my cock. She then took me deep in to her mouth and started to slurp and suck me.

After a while i couldnt take any more,i pulled her to her feet,lifted her slip up,parted her thighs and pushed my cock in to her whilst we were standing there.

She pulled one leg up to give me better access. I fucked her hard and then turned her around and fucked her over the kitchen table. As i pounded in to her she reached behind her and started fingering herself and my cock. It didnt take long for me to reach the point of no return and i filled her with cum.

She though carried on fingering herself,getting faster and faster,one hand flicking her clit and three fingers of the other hand were embedded in her pussy. She was really forcing them in hard. I stood at the side of her stroking her back and breasts,i had never seen her so worked up fingering herself before. She was still going for it and then she said \"Your cock\" \"Your cock\" \"Give me it here\".

She moved position and grabbed my slightly shrunken cock and literally pulled it straight in to her mouth. She wouldnt normally do this after we have shagged as she doesnt like the taste of herself on my cock but there was no stopping her. My cock was rock hard within seconds again as she finger fucked herself and sucked me.

She started to cum. She convulsed and shook. I could hear and see her jamming her fingers deep and hard in to her pussy and she sucked me really hard.

I felt myself start to cum and she held the tip of my cock at her lips and spread it all over her mouth and cheeks.

We both just collapsed on the floor exhausted.

After we had recovered she said that the thought of two guys using and abusing her had driven her crazy all week but she didnt want it to ruin our relationship.

I reassured her that whatever happens nothing will ever do that.

We showered and i left for work still unsure if she would go through with it or not.

I will write and tell you the next part of the story if you are interested.