Written by phoneking

21 Dec 2007

Ok,recap -so my girlfriend had had a fling with a rep and now he said he was bringing his mate with him on Friday evening,Lesley said no but he said he would bring him anyway at around 7:00ish and i couldnt get home until about 8pm.

Friday i was excited and nervous. We spoke on the phone all day and she admitted she had gone to the loos at work and frigged herself off to relieve the tension.

I travel around the country and i pulled in to a woodland clearing for a wank in the afternoon but still i couldnt stop thinking about it.

At around 6:30 after really going for it on the A24 i was on the M25 about 30/40 miles still to go to get home.

I phoned and she was fresh from the shower,she had shaved and put on the pale blue panties and bra set i had purchased for her.

She had light coloured hold ups on,her finger and toenails were painted,her hair is very very long,straight and natural blonde and looks great.She put on a shortish black skirt and a pale blue blouse that gaped a fair bit.

She sounded so nervous. She told me to hurry up and sounded desperate,a bit scared and excited.

At 7:00 i called her again and she said nobody had arrived,we talked for a couple of minutes and then she said a car had pulled up a few doors along. My heart was racing.

Our door knocker is deafening and i heard it in the background. We both jumped and i think we both thought about not opening the door for a second. She went quiet then said \"i will ring you back,get here quick\".

I was really desperate to get home now and a bit panicky.

I was moving from lane to lane and gradually getting nearer to home.

It was about 15 mins later and i was about 5 miles away,she called.

\"Are you okay?\" i blurted out.

\"Absolutely fine\",\"nothing to worry about\" she said.

\"Do you still want to do this?\" she said.

\"YES\" i said.

\"Listen to this,see what you think\" she said.

I heard muttering and then a sort of groan followed by a slurping.This was then repeated.

She came back on the line.

\"Did you hear me kissing these two?\"

\"Sounds good\" i said, \"Save some for me\".

The phone went dead.

I was only a mile away.

5 mins later i pulled up outside,quickly locked the car grappled with my door keys and dashed inside.

Lesley was sitting on our couch with a very good looking guy sitting beside her,his arm around her,her head on his shoulder. Her blouse was partly undone and you could see most of the upper part of her breasts.

She looked flushed.

At her feet was another guy,older,fatter but similarly good looking. He was stroking her nylon clad leg and as i watched his hand was moving beneath her skirt,edging slowly up to between her thighs.

She introduced me to her rep friend sitting with her (Ronnie) and his mate at her feet (Glen).

Neither guy made any attempt to move away.They all had glasses of wine so i poured myself one,drank it in one then poured myself another.

My Lesley was letting two guys touch her and i was in the room.I felt faint,horny and strangely gutted all at the same time but i was going to go with it.Whatever.

Watch for next episode. This is getting it out of my system and helping me/us relive it.