Written by MikeS1969

10 Mar 2017

I mentioned in my previous post DJ having solo fun with M and also that we had swapped with M and his wife Ma

M and Ma called round one xmas night, we sat comfortably together chatting and drinking champagne, wine and beer when DJ suggested that I take M to the spare room to show him the scalextric! (great xmas present) which we set up whilst wondering what the girls were up to - Ma later told M that DJ was sat to the side of her and started to stroke her leg and then as one they kissed and started to touch each other and undress... we didnt hear them come upstairs but went to look in the bedroom and the girls were naked in bed, and DJ was between Ma's legs licking her clean shaven pussy...

I looked across at M, he was undressed in a flash and already fully erect as he lept onto the bed to the right of Ma, I followed and went left and we both started to suck Ma's tits - they are huge, nipples are good but not on a par with DJ's (an old boyfriend of hers once said that they were like truck's wheel nuts!)

DJ told Ma to suck my cock and down she went and started to suck me hard - she was very good and it still surprises me today when M complains that she doesnt like to suck his cock (or maybe just not often enough for his liking)

M was already fucking DJ and it wasnt long before she had told him to take her from behind and he was giving her it good standing on the floor behind her as she knelt on the bed... Ma was riding me hard and fast as he fondled those super big breasts, it felt like she was jumping in the air and falling down onto my cock - a pity I dont have one of those 10-12inch monsters that would have really suited that style!

M had DJ coming and Ma went down to the front room, I followed her and we kissed on the sofa before I sucked those breasts again and then enjoyed her pussy - I might be bias but do think you have to go along way to have a nicer slit than DJ's but I really enjoyed licking Ma - she was smooth, nice tidy lips and a big clit to suck on; I was busy tounging her arse and then up her slit when DJ and M came down to see what was happening with us...

During the same holiday DJ and Ma went out for drinks in one of the local wine bars, she was pretty turned on before going out wearing hold-ups with a short skirt - another friend S was round and we were sat watching some TV when DJ came down from getting ready, she paced up & down the front room before putting a leg on the sofa arm and asking me to lick her pussy - I said S would and before you knew out he was pistoning in & out of her giving a super view of her tight pussy swallowing his big cock... somehow she had laddered a stocking and had to stop to go change - we were both laughing and S asked me where that all came from? this is the guy that has fucked her almost as many times as I have..!

I dropped DJ at the bar, both girls later told us the same story - they were sharing bottles of wine, getting drunk and horny helped on by getting chatted up by some business types - twice they went to the toilet together as girls do when out but shared the same cubicle to kiss and touch each others pussy

DJ called me and asked me to pick them up to take them back to M&Ma's house; S asked me if he should stay and wait for us to get home but I said maybe not as I didnt know how long we would be so he opted to go home

When we got to M&Ma's the girls went in swaying from side to side, I didnt see it but M told me when they came in he was in the kitchen, DJ came through pulled his shorts down and sucked his cock before going to the back room to join Ma on the couch - it was a very erotic sight watching DJ and Ma snog whilst touching each other, I remember Ma had no top or bra on and I was looking at those big tits, her legs were wide open but she was still wearing her black knickers and DJ was rubbing her pussy - I looked across at M and he had stripped and was slowly wanking his big cock

I think Ma had had too much to drink and she disappeared upstairs leaving the 3 of us to go into the front room, I sat in a chair in the corner and started to enjoy watching DJ and M fuck each other - DJ was sat in one of those high backed leather chairs with a leg on each arm as M licked her pussy and pushed a finger onto her bum making her come before she told him she needed cock in her pussy and he gave her a good 15 minutes of hard fast fucking... I sat feeling invisible wanking as I watched the show in front of me knowing I would get my goes when we got home and again in the morning

We had a couple of others sessions together the same xmas holiday but I would only be telling you similar stories - hope this one is enjoyed