Written by anonymous

10 Oct 2009

Lesley my wife and Mike were back at the room after a really fun night downstairs at the hotel bar.

They kissed for a bit, Mike excused himself and went to the bathroom and returned in just his boxer shorts.

Lesley had removed her dress and was just stood in her stockings,suspenders,panties and bra set. She used the bathroom and then on her return Mike asked her to put her high heel shoes on again which she did.

She said she still felt quite drunk but in a good way as he moved her to the bed,flicked the main lights off and lay with her.

He parted her thighs and moved her panties to one side to begin lapping at her shaven wet pussy.

He turned himself around and removed his shorts. His cock was just there in front of her face and she took it in to her mouth as he fingered and licked her.

He then swung around and after removing her panties completely nudged his cock head at her pussy lips. He rubbed it there for a second or two then holding her hips he pushed it inside her all the way.

She said it felt wonderful as he started to fuck her slowly and deeply. He was starting to speed up now and she felt herself start to cum. She said it was just amazing as she shook and came. He then turned her over and they went at it doggy style. He fondled her breasts after removing her bra and even slid a finger into her bottom as he fucked her.

She said he started to really fuck her hard then slammed in to her finally as he came deep inside her.

They lay together for a while and she said she must have fallen asleep.

The next thing she remembers is laying on top of him in the pitch black dark as he moved himself upwards so his cock was near her face. She said it was hard again and she sleepily took it in to her mouth. As she sucked him she said she felt a hand reach between her legs and two fingers slide into her still wet pussy.

She stopped sucking and turned to see what was going on but Mike held her firmly. He told her to carry on. As the fingers explored her pussy she went to get up but he told her to carry on and pulled her back down.

She said that the mixture of alcohol and the whole erotic feel of the evening made her start to get aroused again.

She resumed sucking Mike as hands pulled her in to a kneeling position. Gently her thighs were parted and she felt a cock nudging her lips. It slid all the way in without any problems and its owner began fucking her.

She said as she was being fucked Mike held her head and was telling whoever it was to fuck her harder.

Lesley said it felt so very very good.

She bcame aware of the room doorbeing opened and closed and of the guy fucking her breathing harder. The cock owner grunted, pumped his cum in to her and moved away.

No sooner had he moved away and another body moved between her thighs and offered his cock to her gaping pussy.

Mikes cock was hard as iron as she sucked and Lesley admitted she was loving the attention she was recieving.

Hands explored her breasts,they stroked her back and other hands carressed her buttocks before inserting a finger in to her bottom.

She was now being fed Mikes cock at one end whilst a finger was sliding in and out of her bottom,hands soon replaced by a mouth were toying with her nipples and a good sized cock was sliding in and out of her pussy.

She was moved to one side then on to her back and Mike slid his cock straight back in to her mouth.

She said that over the next hour or so she was fucked by at least four different guys and Mike and another guy she didnt even recognise had cum in her mouth. Her bottom had been stretched at one point as two guys held her legs apart and a (luckily)slim cock had been inserted in it. The owner slid it in in time to fill her bottom with cum too.

The guys gradually left the room and eventually it was just her and Mike asleep.

The next day she asked Mike if they could just disappear quickly missing the others,which they did.

He bought her home where she has slept for an age before shagging me and telling me all.

Just fantastic.