Written by anonymous

19 Sep 2009

Another update from the previous story.

It is all arranged for tonight.

He is picking her up at 7 pm from a bar in Rochester and then they go straight to the hotel in Deal.

She is nervous but really excited.

Last night we shagged three times whilst discussing it.

We enjoyed an intimate shag on the sofa before going again in bed, then we were awake during the night at it again.

The last time i used her two vibrators on her whilst she sucked my cock. She was on top facing away from me as i slowly slid one in to her bottom as she arched. The other which is good and thick i was fucking her freshly shaved and soaking wet pussy with, long deep thrusts right up to the end. She even had two fingers in her mouth, alternating between these and my cock, a great sight.

I was making out that there were two guys with her,touching her,sucking her and sliding their cocks in to her. This session ended with me fucking her hard from behind as she reached between her legs to play with her clit,my balls and my cock.

I kept asking her what she wanted. Not normally that vocal she suprised me by asking for my cum and to be fucked harder and harder.

She told me to stop at one point and get off then get back on again and fuck her hard. She came as i slid back up her.

She explained afterwards that she wanted to feel what it would be like if one cock had cum in her then another guy had taken his place.

I can only have had two hours sleep but although tired i cant wait for tonight.

I havent booked a room for myself yet and i am undecided if i will.

She said i can if i like but she will tell me everthing either way.

So excited, cant wait.