Written by one night in heaven

8 Apr 2015

Well my friends have come back to the hotel and as she now has my number shes texting all the time.

so tonight shes on the the phone to come over as her partner is away and would i like to come over for a drink. well as im not working i can see no reason why not. we meet in the bar and have a drink then go back to her room. Well as soon as we got in she was all touching my boobs and kissing me and it just all went from there.she pushed me onto the bed and slowly undressed me as she was doing this she was filming each part of it to send to her partner. we were both naked by now touching and feeling each others body then she went down on me sucking and licking my clit it was heaven has she was pushing her tongue in and out i had the must amazing orgasm. then she started rubbing sucking and playing with my now very wet pussy at the same time i could take no more and had another amazing orgasms she laid back on the bed i started to suck and lick her nipples her pussy was damp as i put my fingers in as i moved back and forth she was getting wetter and wetter and moaning more and more then with a shudder she came all over my fingers. wow that was one amazing night