Written by Naughty_Nicky69

26 May 2015

Sex-wise, things had started to look up for yours truly. After hacking into my husband Keith's porn hoard on his computer, I could now twist him round my little finger. But he really wasn't a brilliant performer. "One of the 90-second cummers" was how my friend Sharon once described the problem.

So I decided to take the initiative again. I would find a Toy Boy.

Round our way, all the male neighbours are strait, middle-aged and boring. The postman looks well hung, but judging by the time his red trolley remains outside one particular house, I think he's spoken for.

Inspiration came at the weekend, when I was doing the major food shop at our local supermarket. They'd organised one of those charity packing sessions, where you just stand there and let a youngster pack all your carrier bags for you, then drop a £1 coin into the charity bucket. My packer was a gorgeous looking Indian boy of about 20. Medium height, slim and with lovely arms and hands (which I was already imagining stroking my thighs!). He was also an ace packer. I thanked him sweetly and dropped my coin in the bucket. "What time do you finish?"

"They've told us we can't leave until the store closes at 9.00pm."

"You poor thing; you'll be bushed!" I sympathised.

He smiled sweetly. "I know, but tomorrow's Sunday, so we'll be finishing at 4.00pm."

A light bulb went on in my head. "Listen, I've got one or two jobs that need doing around the house. Why don't you call by tomorrow, after you finish?" I gave him my card.

Smiling, he took it and gave a little salute. "Thank you, madam."

"What's your name, by the way?"


My new Toy Boy turned up at 4.15pm, looking even sexier than the day before. He wore a well-ironed black T-shirt over crimson shorts, black trainers and white socks. He had a wonderfully smooth complexion and I longed to stroke his cheeks. "Adam's not a very Indian name," I observed as I brewed him a herbal tea.

"My real name is unpronounceable for the English, so Mum and Dad thought Adam would be easier. What are these jobs you want doing?"

I wasn't prepared for young Adam's directness, 'cutting to the chase' so quickly. Playing for time I stuttered: "Let's take our teas into the lounge, shall we?"

He followed obediently, sitting himself down on the sofa and crossing his gorgeous hairless legs. I so wanted them wrapped around my neck! I felt a tell-tale trickle of moisture between my legs. I slid my skirt up, so that he could get a good look at my gams, which all my girlfriends say are my best assets. Adam's gaze was quickly locked onto them.

"Well... it's like this, Adam," I began demurely. "My husband Keith and I - he's out playing golf at the moment - have what you might call a platonic relationship."

He smiled, getting the message instantly. "No sex?"

I shook my head and gave a little pout. "Fraid not. And I still love it, In fact I can't get enough of it!" I stroked one thigh suggestively and then crossed my legs. My moist pussy gave an audible 'squish'. "Which is where I thought you might be able to help me, Adam?" I said looking coyly down at my crotch.

"In what way exactly?"

I needed to take the plunge. It was now or never. "Err... in the way of..." But I couldn't get the darned words out in the right order!

"... fucking you?" he asked with delightful ingenuousness.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief and gave him a wicked smile. "That's the general idea, yes. I really need a good seeing-to, Adam. Maybe with some naughty trimmings?"

He frowned. "I'm not sure I follow? Naughty?"

"You know: mildly kinky? Perhaps I could wear some sexy underclothes for you? Maybe a scarlet corset?"

"I'd like that very much," he said, stroking the buldge in his shorts. "And some black stockings and a suspended belt?"

"You've got the picture, Adam. And we'd do it down here - on that sofa you're sitting on - not upstairs in the bedroom? And in the daytime!"

He looked down at the velvet cushions he was sitting on and imagined me beneath his lithe body. I could see a nice erection was forming. "When did you have in mind?" he asked, cocking his head on one side coyly.

I smirked at this beautiful youth's mock-innocence. "No time like the present, is there? Why don't I pop upstairs and change?"

"Cool. What would you like me to wear?"

"As little as possible, darling! Be right back!"

[To be concluded]