24 Jun 2015

So, this is my second visit to Rio’s in less than a week. First ever visit I went with a male friend but I got the buzz to go again and unfortunately he wasn’t free to come.

I arrived around 8pm, it was nudist night, and everyone was naked walking around in towels. I head straight to the steam room, when I got in there it was full, 1 person got up and left leaving me a place to sit down. Whilst in there people were in and out, and I was left on my own with a male, we started talking and as I had been in there well over 30 mins it was time to leave and to sit outside. He followed me outside and before I knew it he asked me if I wanted a massage and I was following him in to a ‘private room.’ The Massage was lovely he was moving his hands up and down my bottom before he asked me to flip over onto my back. He started massaging my breasts and then he moved down towards my privates. He gently rubbed my clit and before I knew I was dripping wet! He then inserted his finger into my dripping wet vagina and I was already so aroused I came pretty quickly. He then gave me his cock in my hand and I started to wank him off until he came all over my tits. We then thanked each other then I hit the showers.

Afterwards I wanted to relax in the Jacuzzi. There happened to be one completely empty. I jumped straight in. Not before long other people started to join me. One guy sat directly next to me and we started talking. We shared our previous experiences and during this conversation he stated to let his hands wander on my leg and up in between my thighs. Whilst another guy started sitting opposite me started to slowly move around towards my other side. Before long I had 2 guys playing with me 1 with his fingers in me and another playing with my clit. One of the guys suggested he should give me a massage, So I went with it and we ended up in another private room where he rubbed baby oil into me, and making sure he didnt miss a spot anywhere. Again this made me so aroused and I was dripping. He slowly placed a finger into me and it was all I needed before I climaxed again. He didnt just leave me there, he then started to rub my clit and made me have the most intense orgasam EVER! It was amazing! Afterwards we lay there talking for what felt like ages waiting for me to recover.

More is to follow…..