Written by Robbo

5 Apr 2007

This happened a few years ago now.

Part of my work means that I work with volunteers. We were about to take a group of young people away for a few days, so four of us went on a recce to carry out a risk assessment. Two males and two females. All married, though not to each other!

On the second night away, we had been to the pub but carried on drinking back at the centre. S (the other male) went to bed and left me with M & T.

As the drink flowed, the talk got around to sex. The big question was whether a woman could have sex just for pleasure and not always for love.

M (younger than me by 15 years) grabbed my hand and said, "Lets go to bed and try it."

I couldn't believe what was happening. I was in bed with a woman much younger than me and I wasn't fucking her! SHE was fucking me.

I lay there on my back has she took my hard cock in her mouth. A couple of minutes of sucking me off, she would move up my body and press her cunt into my face. Just as i was enjoying tasting her juices, she would move down and slowly take my cock deep into her cunt, thrusting up and down until she cum. Then up again for me to lick her cunt.

I was in ecstacy. I had never been fucked like this before.

M continued like this until I couldn't stand any more and I came deep inside her.

It didn't stop there. We had an exciting time over the next six months. The risk we didn't write down was the danger to our marriages.