Written by anonymous

26 Jan 2008

After weeks of casualy suggesting car park sex my girlfriend finally looked on this site with me and started to show interest. I reassured her that nothing could happen that she didnt want to and that she would be perfectly safe.

We went out for a drive about and after a few fumblings in a couple of far too open spots we ended up in a well known car park situated between Rochester and Chatham.

We parked at the back and i couldnt wait to get to grips with her. We were flicking our tongues around each others mouths,her hand was rubbing my cock through my trousers and my hand was moving further up her skirt past her stocking tops (hold ups) towards her panties.Lesley was really getting in to it but all the time i was keeping an eye on anyone nearby.

We were getting quite worked up when i noticed a lady walking towards us. I told Lesley and we stopped for a second. She approached the car and bent down by Lesleys window. I buzzed the window down. \"I hope you dont mind,but are you looking for trade only i quite like couples\" she said.

Lesley mumbled something about us waiting for somebody and the lady left aplogising.

I burst out laughing and Lesley jokingly punched me.

After a bit we carried on where we left off but it was only a few minutes before a white Audi pulled in to the car park and reversed back alongside Lesleys window.

At this time my hand was visibly up Lesleys skirt and her blouse was gaping revealing her bra and most of her creamy breasts. I carried on snogging her as she undid my pants all the time glancing past her to the guy in the car alongside.

He looked to be around 40,attractive and was watching us intently. He smiled back at me just as Lesley took my cock out of my pants and began wanking me.

She bent herself over me and took my cock in to her warm mouth and began slurping on my cock,she was kneeling on her seat now and our friend was now standing at the window.

I started as he opened her door as did Lesley. She took my cock out of her mouth,looked up at me and said \"Is he ok,are you sure you want this\"?. \"Dont worry,just relax\" i said although i was scared stiff myself. Scared but excited at the same time.

He looked past her at me as Lesley resumed sucking and said \"okay? \"Yes\" i said as if giving permission.

He lifted her skirt up over her bottom and i felt her tense. This could all go horribly wrong i thought.

We shuffled our position a bit and i started stroking Lesleys breasts,i managed to release them from her bra as she was still sucking me.

I watched in awe as he pulled her panties down,she moved each knee in turn to let him remove them. He stepped forward. Blimey i thought no forplay he was going to fuck my Lesley right now. My heart beat raced. Lesley stopped sucking for a second or two and just froze. He had a hand either side of her bottom and i saw him move forward till his belly touched her bum,she called out and lay her head in my lap. He pulled out and then straight back in again.

He started to fuck her with really long strokes.

I was so erect and i offered my cock to her mouth but she just held it at her lips as he fucked her hard now and obviously deep. It seemed to go on forever but it was probably only a few minutes. His hands gripped her bum and he was getting ready to cum as Lesley started to convulse and shake with her climax. I watched as he thrust himself once then twice more deep inside her as he filled her with his cum he was clearly playing with her arsehole,she held my cock and i slipped it back in to her mouth,she only had to stroke about a dozen times before i came in her mouth.

The other guy had tidied himself a quietly given me a wave and closed my car door. We just lay there for some time and i think Lesley even slept for while.

We went home and after showering we fucked in every position we could think of.

We will definately be doing this again.