Written by Rochesterswing

5 Oct 2011

Me and my wife often use a wine bar in Rochester,Kent. We have been going there probably twice a week for many years.

Depending on my job it is usually a couple of drinks or a bottle of wine around 6ish during the week and the same most Saturdays direct from work.

The staff there are all helpful and friendly and it is a relaxed place to go without any of the usual yobbish behaviour. There is one guy who works there that has taken a shine to my wife.

He has joked with her a few times but to be honest i had not noticed anything unusual.

Two weeks ago we were drinking there and i nipped up to the loo.

When i returned he was chatting to her and she was giggling away with him.

Still i thought nothing of it.

A bit later before leaving i nipped off again and this time as i returned my phone went off. It was a work colleague asking me various questions and as i talked to him i stood at the back of the bar watching my wife.

She was leaning forwards on the bar towards the friendly barman and they were laughing.

I was trying to answer my colleagues questions and watch them at the same time.

He said something to her and she laughingly slapped him,only gently on the arm.

As she did so he held her hand,only for a few seconds,but it was the look she gave him that made me lose track of my conversation.

They were no longer speaking,they were just looking at each other.

I made my excuses to my work mate,rang off and approached them. She noticed me and they quickly sprang apart. He then began serving another customer.

Saying nothing we left.

Now it has long been my ambition to have my wife fucked by another man,ideally while i am there and even better if i am taking part. She knows this but has always refused.

It has in the past however formed part of our love making in fantasy form.

I have been fucking her with a vibrator as she has sucked my cock and telling her how good she is. I have held the vibe at her shaven pussy entrance and said things like,"He wants to fuck you,do you want his cock inside you"?

She is very aroused at this point and has called out for the "other man" to push his cock in her.

Afterwards she has always said it is a fantasy only.

Last week we called in during the week but he wasnt there. On the Saturday we visited again after work,ordered some wine and stood at the bar.

He was serving at the other end of the bar.

Once more i nipped to the loo,taking my time. On my return there they were laughing and chatting away again. Yet again as soon as i appeared he drifted off.

Keeping it light i asked her about him.

She said he was just a nice guy.

I asked if she fancied him,she was reluctant to say anything at first but eventually she admitted he was her type.

Where i am blonde he is very dark,i am stocky,he is very slim and has clearly looked after himself. I asked if she would like to fuck him.

She didnt reply and seemed slightly shocked but just laughed.

Later on that evening we shagged like rabbits on the sofa and again later in bed.

She was very very responsive and more eager than normal.

I later used the vibe on her. She was astride me,on all fours. I was licking and sucking her pussy,she was sucking my cock.

I touched the large cock shaped vibe at her pussy lips,it wasnt turned on so felt just like a hard penis at her entrance. She moaned.

Then i began talking to her as i lapped at her clit.

I asked if she wanted "his" cock,she groaned and whined a few times before reluctantly answering "yes".

I pushed just the bulbous end inbetween her lips.

"This is the barmans big thick cock stretching your lips,do you want it"?

She tried to push back on to it,she was so wet.

She was virtually growling as she called out "yes,yes,fuck me,fuck it up me".

As i pushed the whole thing deeply up in to her she shook and came straight away.

I continued to fuck her with it though,slowly and using the whole length.

She came twice more before i turned her over,lay her on her back and fucked her hard before cumming deep inside her.

She was exhausted and drifted off to sleep straight away.

Since then it has not been mentioned but the question is this.

Do i keep this as a fantasy or do i urge her to talk to her admirer in the hope that she will be tempted and things will happen for real?