Written by Kentforpassion

7 May 2011

Over the past few months i have managed to persuade my wife to attend several "anything goes" parties in Rolvendon village not far from where we live.

We are both in our late forties and agreed that we had become boring,she knew that i wanted more excitement sexually. I had discussed the usual threesome,mmf,type of thing with her in the past and she had always said that although it excited her she would never go through with it.

It took some persuading but after convincing her that they were normal parties with normal people and there was no pressure and that anything different that goes on generally happens out of sight,she gave in and off we went.

We had a great time and she relaxed more and more in our new friends company.

The people are of all ages and come from all walks of life.

We saw people going upstairs and coming down some time later. We also saw people going off in to the large gardens for fun but nothing is ever forced on you or made obvious.

I never thought she would actually take part in anything but to my surprise after a couple of weeks i sneakily witnessed her wank a guy off whilst he returned the favour.

A couple of parties later after several drinks i stood transfixed by a summer house window as she was fully used in every way by not one but two guys! I actually came as i watched them all at it.

The next party is this weekend and i thought she didnt seem that interested until yesterday when i almost walked in on her wanking whilst talking to someone on the phone.

She was laid back on the bed dressed just in a silky gown. Her legs were splayed wide apart and she was rubbing a vibrator against her pussy as she talked to whoever was on the other end of the phoneline. Unless the vibe was on low i think it was turned off but she still seemed to be enjoying it.

She has two vibes that i have bought her. One is average length but this was the other one. It is a good ten inches long and very very thick. When we first got it she told me she couldnt take it but i purchased it anyway. Until now it has never been fully inside her as it is really large,i have used it on her clit and rubbed the round end between her pussy lips only.

As i watched she raised her knees with her legs still parted wide,the thing looked wet as she held the bulbous head at her entrance. She had freshly shaved her pussy that morning and looked superb. Stood in the bedroom doorway with a hard on i watched as she slipped the vibe deep inside her. She took it all in then out again in slow movements. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling as she seemed to be urging the person on the other end to tell her things.

From where i stood i could see her pussy lips stretched taught around this thing. A white ring of fluid built up around it as she slid it fully inside her then out again.

She carried on like this for several minutes then started to rub the large wet end over her clit in quick movements.

With my hand gripping my hard cock i saw her spasm and gasp as she came.

She shook and half dropped the phone for a second as she shuddered.

Desperate to relieve the pressure in my cock i left her to it,slipped in to our back bedroom and wanked my cock until i came.

It only took me seconds and i came bucket loads.

I recovered and cleaned myself up,noisily crossing the landing before entering the bedroom where she still lay.

The phone wasnt in use,neither was the vibrator.

I made no mention of what i had seen but after talking for a while we did end up shagging. After she sucked my cock it ended up with her face down on the pillow as i fucked her hard from behind,i fingered her arsehole as i came inside her pussy which felt far more loose than usual.

We are enjoying our new found sexuality and it has helped our relationship in many ways.

I think she is still unaware that i know fully what she has been up to,although i am sure she thinks i know more than i am letting on.

Although i would really enjoy fucking her with others present or at least being in the room,i really dont want to spoil this excitement. The rush i get from watching her be so submissive and dirty with another man or men is just the best feeling and makes me want and love her even more than ever.

I am more than happy sharing her and havent really given any thought to going with any of the other women who go to the parties.

The hostess and myself enjoyed a brief snog after a smoochy dance and after feeding a rather plump but lovely looking lady some grapes i had my cock rubbed through my trousers. Other than that i havent really been interested.

I will see what happens at the party this weekend.