Written by Gmax

21 May 2016

This the follow on of Sal’ Adventures

Sal then went on to tell me all, in the first person, as she wanked me furiously by this point and I had to take a deep breath as she continued her story.

Sally Related her Story from here!.

I knew instantly that Rob had taken a shine to me after the interview, but nothing ever came of it for awhile, as really, he was a very shy person, he'd had a few romances but they all fell through.

It must have been about a few months after starting to work with Rob, I mentioned we were getting rather low on office stationary. Rob suggested that I might as well go with him to the supplier, so that in future I would know where to go.

He brought his car round to the office for me to get in. I was feeling a bit horny today. I had tried to get Hubby to fuck me before going to work, but he couldn't quite make it. So thought I would tease Rob instead today and see what would happen!

I was wearing my light loose blouse, had left my bra off back in my office desk, my jacket was open and I was sure he could see my nipples through my blouse.

As I sat down and put on my seat belt, my short skirt rode up over my knees, just short of my stocking tops. I didn't think anything off this and just left it. I hadn't quite realized how high my skirt was up! My thighs were on full view for him and he was staring at me. I felt so incredibly dirty and slutty letting Rob ogling me this way, but by now I seemed to be so turned on that I was past caring!

"Sorry Rob if I'm embarrassing you, would you like me to adjust and cover up myself?" "God no Sally, its fine, I have such a lovely view, its really really nice!"

He said that as it was on the way he wanted to drop off some paper work at the farm of one of our clients, Mr Hopton. Rob had told me a little about Mr Hopton. Reaching the farm, Mr Hopton came out from the barn to meet us. I liked him immediately. Mr Hopton, Jonathan or as he liked to be call Jon, is a really nice old guy, must be at least 60 plus years old, married for a second time, to a younger women and with an eighteen year old stepdaughter.

Janet was Mr Hopton's second wife; his first wife had passed away some years earlier, so Rob had told me. I immediately took a liking to Mr Hopton and by the smile on his face gathered he liked me. He had that oily garage smell about him which was a turn on for me. This took me back to my days when I worked in the office of a garage some years ago!!

Janet and Cindy were in the process of washing and grooming a lovely big black stallion. Mr Hopton said that the stallion was going to service a couple of mares over the weekend. "Have you ever seen this Sally", he asked. "I have only ever seen it on TV, but they always cut it away at the crucial time", I replied. "Perhaps you might like to see it for real if you would like to come up at the weekend".

Janet was about 46yrs old and was quite a looker although you couldn't really see much as she had on a short smock and welly boots. Her daughter Cindy, on the other hand was some looker. I noticed Rob had to re-adjust his position to hide his growing erection.

Cindy, you could see where she got her looks from, she was a spitting younger image of her mother. She was wearing very tight shorts showing her "camel toe", a revealing little tank top that showed off her erect nipples, also in welly boots. Rob couldn't keep his eyes off her. They were both very attractive with nice bodies.

Rob introduced me to Mr Hopton, saying “This is Sally, my new secretary". Mr Hopton caught hold of my hand with his gnarled hands and with his index finger, ran it in a circle around my palm. This, I knew was an indication from my teenage years gone by, that he would love to fuck me!! I laughed at this and he winked at me. He gave me a hug as I was leaving; I could smell the oily coat and body of him which again, was a turn on for me.

I had once been "gang banged" in the garage that my ex husband worked, by two of the mechanics in their oily overalls, so that smell always turned me on. (That will be another story for later on!)

He said that he will visit the office more often now and hoped he see more of me!! I knew then, I would be seeing a more lot of Mr Hopton in the future!!

Carrying on the drive, Rob had his hand on the gear lever; it was only touching it loosely. He kept manoeuvring it around until suddenly the back of his knuckle made contact with my knee. I didn't make the slightest effort to move my leg away. "Sorry Sally for touching you". He said.

Laughing, I said, "Don't worry about it Rob, but next time if you like you can go higher". I couldn't believe I'd just said that!! "That blew him away completely. I could see his face redden as he blushed".

After driving for some more, he was still talking and telling me and explaining some of the work. To make a point put, his hand on my knee. He obviously had taking what I had said previously! He left his hand, there and when I didn't say anything, began slowly caressed my knee. His hand kept moving very slowly with his fingers tracing my knee cap and then moved to the inside of my thigh. "I've got to admit you and I hadn't had any sex for a while and was secretly enjoying the sensations that I was feeling, being touched by another man. It made me so excited and a bit slutty." We had often talked of me being fucked by another man! I was beginning somehow to enjoy it!! I hadn't had another man touch me like this for ages, other than you.

His hand began to shake and tremble as he moved it between my knees and took a deep breath. It was as if he was waiting to see what I would say or do. His fingers were squeezing my skin and pinching, not hard but like he was massaging my knee. I took a deep breath and looked down into the car well.

I could feel myself quivering, so was he. The feelings that he started inside me were making me nervous, not scared. I did I liked what he was doing and didn't want him to stop. I was becoming sexually aroused.

"Do you mind me touching you Sally?" He shakily whispered. "No." I replied, I was enjoying the feeling very much and was up for anything that might happen!! He kept his hand there for a while and then slowly moving his hand further up under my skirt, I opened my legs ever so slightly for him, giving him better access. Caressing the inside of my leg he became bolder when he knew I didn't try to stop him.

His fingers then traced lacy top stocking, over my suspender belt. Slowly going higher and higher, his fingers now tracing bare flesh. His hand felt my wispy pubic hair, his fingers touching my labia; he let out an audible gasp as he realized I had no panties on! His finger's caressed my labia. He whispered, "Can I put my finger inside you?" and I murmured "Yes, do it yes please." He slid his finger inside.

I inched my skirt up a little higher. The whole mound of my pussy was now exposed. He stroked my mound and then inserted two more fingers inside my cunt making me squirm a little, "Is that OK to leave my fingers there", he asked, I could feel him trembling. I said, "Yes, is it exciting enough for you". I managed to reply. It felt dirty and a quite exciting at the same time. "Oh my God, yes, you are so exciting", he managed to reply.

We arrived at the Stationary Office car park. After we had sorted and loaded the stationary, we got into the car for the drive back; again I made sure my skirt rode up over my knees, making it higher than before. Turning slightly towards him, opening my legs a little wider hoping for a replay of the journey to the Stationers.

Straight away Rob put his hand back on my knee, "Do you mind, is it alright, can I put my hand and fingers back as before". He coyly asked. "Yes, of course it’s OK Rob". I replied my mind in a daze, what I am doing I thought. It was really quite enjoyable and exciting at the same time, (she told me she didn't object and quite enjoyed the feeling, to feel another man fancying and fingering her cunt!!).

I felt my legs weakening and my thighs opened slowly allowing Rob's hand to slide under my skirt. His fingers began to search for my opening. I moved further back in the seat, legs slowly spreading; I could feel the wetness of my cunt.

I put my hand over to his groin and could feel his erection through his trousers. He trembled, didn't respond nor did he move. I leaned forward a little and reached for his zipper. Slowly I unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing hard cock. It was perfectly thick and long with a big mushroom purple head! Up and down my hands went on Rob's cock. He carried on, his hand creeping up the inside of my leg searching for my labia and then touching my cunt lips again, searching for my clitoris. It was a little bit awkward in the car, he had to keep his eyes on the road!!

I was very wet by now as he inserted two fingers inside my cunt lips and started to finger fuck me. I moved around more to face him and opened my legs wider to allow him better access to my cunt and clit. He caressed my pussy some more, touching and flicking my clitoris, which I began to really enjoy, although I was very sensitive there.

We parked back near the office, he worked his fingers into me making me squirm in my seat, then bringing them out, he offered them to my mouth. I did not object and I sucked greedily on the taste of my own juices, he then put them in his own mouth sucking and tasting my juices. "Can I kiss you?" "Yes, okay." I replied.

I broke the kiss and stuck my tongue out grazed his lips with it and then pulled away. He withdrew his fingers from my wet cunt. He licked them one at a time. It was most erotic watching him do this!

I knew now he was mine to play with. I knew at that moment in time that I was being unfaithful to you, knew you would be so excited when you heard of what had happened but it was so exciting and I didn't care. He then moved over me, slipping his hand inside my blouse, feeling my aroused nipples as he kissed me hard on the lips, forcing his tongue deep into my mouth. "God you're such an amazing kisser," he told me.

He was really trembling now and quickly got out of the car, dashed into the office, he quickly disappeared into the toilet. Slowly I followed him in, I could hear grunting noises coming from there and it was some time before he immerged slightly red faced, so I guessed that he had masturbated himself to an orgasm!!

That was the day I came home so horny and wet. Telling you all about it made you so exciting we manage a full completion I asked you if you could manage to fuck me before I went back to work. Which you did, filling me up and satisfying my sexual hunger.

More to follow!!