Written by Alex

3 Apr 2018

At the end of my first post last summer, I told you how my wife, Sally, wanted to advertise on SH for a bi-sexual friend for her to have fun with, hence our membership of this site. I was in no hurry, we were having fantastic sex after all, and I wanted Sally to put into words exactly what she wanted for the advert. Time passed and I got the impression she might have lost interest, so I decided our friendship with our daughter’s friend from uni had done the trick, so why change anything if it’s not broken.

Like most wives, Sally has a circle of friends she meets from time to time to enjoy a mutual interest in retail therapy, but often just to have a coffee and a chin wag. I sometimes wonder how they manage to find enough to talk about, but then I am not a woman. Occasionally, Sally will have a social evening out with her friends, sometimes at the home of one of them, but usually going out for a drink at a pub if there are several of them meeting up.

The week before last, Sally met one of her friends on the Friday for lunch, and maybe a bit of shopping in the afternoon. Her friend, Ruth, is about 10 years younger than us, no children so she has managed to maintain a slim figure. I had met her a few times, but never thought any more than she was one of Sally’s friends. Sally didn’t get home until nearly 8.00 pm, I had started to worry a little but I knew she would not want me to cook her an evening meal, so I had made myself a ready meal. She had a little moan about traffic in the town and went upstairs for a shower. She seemed to be gone for a long time, and when she came down, she was wrapped in a towelling dressing gown.

Making love at the end of a long working week was often our ‘recreation’ but Sally didn’t initiate it, so I let it ride. When we awoke the following morning, my wife was subdued, it seemed she wanted to tell me something but didn’t know where to start. This is the story she eventually told me.

Sally’s lunch with Ruth had turned into a bit of a boozy do, they had downed two bottles of wine between them, not to mention the aperitif in the bar beforehand and, when they left the restaurant at 3.00 o’clock, they decided retail therapy would be too much of a challenge. They decided to go back to Ruth’s place for ‘coffee and sober up’ as she put it. When they got there, they were both a bit giggly, and they started playing a game of truth or dare. Ruth asked Sally when she had had her most amazing orgasm, and Sally had told her it was with our daughter’s friend, Susie, last year.

Sally said the atmosphere immediately went quiet, and she started to worry she had said the wrong thing. She was quite used to talking about sex with her friends, but it had never been that intimate or specific before. All of a sudden, Ruth moved over next to Sally on the sofa and began kissing her, it was such a surprise as Ruth had never shown any bi-inclination before. They kissed, it became quite passionate, and Ruth was mauling Sally’s ample tits, so Sally was mauling her back. It was bringing back memories of our daughter’s friend, Susie, from last year and Sally realised she wanted it.

I’ll cut a long story short (although I quite enjoyed Sally telling me the full version), they ended up in Ruth’s marital bed, naked and feasting upon each other’s bodies. Ruth had introduced Sally to the joys of scissoring, where they grind their pussies together until they both orgasm, Sally said it was brilliant, as they were both flooding vaginal juices, and it gave her the most wonderful orgasm. They then cuddled up together under the sheets playing with each other’s tits. Sally said Ruth had never shown any interest in her before and it was such a delight. When Sally mentioned this to Ruth as they lay there, she said that she and her husband, Mike, had always thought of Sally and me being so ‘vanilla’. I gather that means people who are not into swinging.

As they chatted away, laughing about this and that, Ruth’s husband, Mike, appeared at the bedroom door with a broad smile on his face. He admitted later that he had arrived home earlier to the sight of Sally and Ruth scissoring, but decided he didn’t want to spoil their orgasm so had waited outside, watching through the crack in the doorway. As he stood at the end of the bed talking to them, Sally noticed a bulge starting to grow in his trousers, both of them had their tits on show, so it was understandable. Ruth looked at my wife with a naughty smile, and asked her whether she wanted Mike to join them in the bed. Sally said that, although she had started to sober up, she was still in a naughty mood, so she said yes.

When Ruth invited him in, Mike looked as though it was his birthday, and couldn’t wait to strip off and jump in with them. Sally noticed I was starting to get excited, I thought she was going to tell me that Mike had fucked her, so she was quick to tell me she would never be unfaithful with another man. Mike was enjoying being the filling in their sandwich, both Sally and Ruth stroking his manhood, and Mike clearly thought he was going to fuck Sally, but Ruth took the initiative by straddling him. She then asked Sally to help line him up on her pussy, and Sally got a close up view of Mike’s cock slowly disappearing into his wife’s cunt. Sally thought she ought to contribute to the fun by sucking Ruth’s nipples as they fucked, but she did have her hand between her legs as they did it.

After she completed her tale, Sally noticed the excited look on my face, and I think that telling me everything had also aroused her too, so we made love. I always refer to the sex between us as making love, although it is occasionally just fulfilling our lust for each other, and this was one of those occasions. Sally wanted to suck my cock for ages and I had to concentrate hard to avoid cumming too soon. Sally is on the pill although she says she thinks she may have gone through the menopause, but is reluctant to stop taking the pill for fear of getting caught. Either way, we both prefer bareback sex because using condoms feels so artificial.

Later on that weekend, Sally told me she thought Ruth and Mike are swingers, and it has crossed her mind that some of the other friends she meets from time to time may be too. I asked her whether she still wanted to find a bi-sexual friend to have fun with, and she said that maybe swinging with other couples was preferable, as it enabled me to be involved as well. I asked her whether she would be able to handle seeing me with another woman, and she said it would be the same for me, and she realised actually watching it could be very different to just talking about it. There are some exciting times ahead I think.