Written by Greenhorns

17 Apr 2011

This is quite long and detailed approximately 13 minutes to read. 

We arrived on the Monday afternoon, in September 2000, for a seven night holiday and that evening had opted for the £10 per head Wednesday Pub Crawl at the Welcome Meeting as Chris and I decided that the reps might show us places we wouldn't find by ourselves. 

We visited most of the bars on the strip on the Monday and Tuesday nights and had spent every night of our holiday in Snoepys night club except one (more on that later). This allowed us to sleep a few hours after the club had closed from about 5am and then catnapping on the beach from about 10am. 

Since my nearly nude dancing on Monday night at Snoepys I had really gone to town with the flashing including changing on the beach and not once covering up even while the odd photo was being taken of me. Often pulling my bikini thong to one side to leave my pussy lips exposed while lying on my lounger as I found it a little exciting knowing I was attracting attention while sleeping.

Anyway, it was Wednesday evening and time for the pub crawl. We were to meet at a pub next to The Bus Stop (also a pub) on Andorra ave, I can't remember the name but I believe they've gone now anyway.

In the pub we met up with the reps and they introduced us to other holidaymakers from other hotels. We got chatting with a few and I perched myself on a bar stool ready to start flashing as much as the Dutch courage would let me in due course. I had prepared to be a little daring in my short, Black, pencil skirt, my usual Barely Black stockings, the most transparent panties I owned, no bra, ultra-thin, white cotton, short-sleeved, tight-fitting top and a purple, shrug type, crocheted, cardigan to hide my nipples until the Dutch courage kicked in. Believe it or not, I am quite shy until tipsy or turned on then, in those days, I liked to see and feel men's willies. 

We were given a "free" drink and a shot and then they started gathering people for the walk to the next pub, or so I thought. Then I noticed they were creating two rows of couples standing side by side and making sure there were opposite sexes in the lines so that the man behind Chris was swapped with the woman in front of me. They then told everyone to sit on the floor. I looked at Chris drawing his attention to shortness of my skirt and ran back to my stool with Chris and the reps in hot pursuit.

There was a discussion with me pointing out that I was the only one wearing a short skirt and that my pants were a little bit (gross understatement) see-thru but they were unperturbed. They managed to get Chris to retake his place in the line and I could see the gap reserved for me between two men in the middle of a line of about 12 people. They promised to bunch everyone up so that I wouldn't be so exposed. Realising they weren't going to give up I eventually and very reluctantly allowed them to pull me back to my place in the line. I wasn't drunk or horny enough for this level of exposure. 

I sat on the floor as Ladylike as I could with the male reps waiting to see up my skirt which they duly did with much whispering, grinning and nudging and taking their time to bunch everyone up as promised while they noted the transparency of my underwear.

In order to sit with a man between my legs I had to slide my skirt up to my hips. As I sat there with my skirt virtually around my waist and the man's bum in front of me nestled against my crotch whilst my bum nestled against the man's crotch behind me, they explained the rules of the game. We would pat the floor to our right three time, roll our arms three times (like on Saturday Night Fever) while rocking (lay) back and (bend) forward three times, pat the floor to our left three times, roll our arms three times while rocking back and forward three times again and start again...pat the floor to our right. Once done three times the person in front of each row would be given a pint of lager, drink it as quickly as possible, turn 180 degrees to face and kiss the person behind and then restart the triple dance again with each person drinking a pint until the whole row was turned about. The first row to be turned 180 degrees would receive a free shot and a get out jail card (avoid another game). 

I had resigned myself to the fact that the man in front of me and behind me and perhaps most of the audience were going to get a good look at my bits. There was some movement as more gathered to watch having heard the rules of the game.

The music started and so did we patting the floor, rolling my arms, rocked back and felt my skirt ride above my crotch exposing my sheer white knickers much to the delight of the numerous men now ogling my Brazilian trim. I may as well have not worn knickers as nothing was left to imagination. Even my shrug had abandoned me by exposing my hardening nipples and aureoles. By the time I'd done a third lie back my embarrassment was mixed with excitement and even though I quite liked the attention I made pointless attempts to pull my skirt down. After the first two routines I'd started to feel turned on and so stopped trying to cover up and no longer cared who saw what. 

Another couple of routines, I am quite damp in the groin, the man in front of me had received his kiss from the woman in front, downed his pint and turned around to kiss me. This was the very moment the reps had been waiting for because the man's jaw just dropped and it took a minute to compose himself. I followed his gaze, first to my chest and my nipples clear as day under the thin white cotton of my top and sticking out, then to my own crotch where we could clearly see that my pussy was gaping with its moisture improving the transparency of my panties making them as clear as glass; the redness and puffiness of my clitoris and inner lips which were parted as if waiting to be kissed contrasting with the pallor of my shaved outer lips. My eyes were drawn by the speed of his erection and his hands moving down to move his penis into the left leg of his football (soccer) shorts in a vain attempt to limit the obvious expression of his pleasure at my exposure. This made things worse for me because I could now see up the leg of his shorts and thus his cock, the slit in the bulbous head forcing its way past his foreskin, the pinkness of his shaft which I guess was about six inches but looked smaller from my point of view and thinner than Chris' cock, the veiny left testicle and all contrasting to the darkness of his pubic hair. I looked back into his young face as it approached mine pouting his lips in readiness of a kiss. This all happened very quickly but it is surprising how much information you can absorb in seconds.

As he kissed me I felt his hand briefly brush against my pussy and clitoris through the thin fabric of my panties. I didn't react angrily because I thought it might have been accidental. When I didn't react he tried his luck again by actually stroking me. I pushed his hand away as the music started again, patted the floor to my right three times but instead of rolling my arms I sought revenge by reaching into the left leg of his shorts, gripping his penis and pulled it but he slid on the floor until we were groin to groin and only then did his penis appear from his shorts. It was so funny he didn't have time to react and it was only then I became aware of the audience because they were all laughing. He leant forward with a grin, "Do that again and it'll be in you no matter who's fucking watching!" "now there's a challenged"I replied. 

I thought I'd better prepare for turning around by removing my legs from under his. I lifted myself up on my hands and pulled my legs from under his. He reached forward, hooked a finger through the leg of my knickers. I assumed he was taking a peek -not that he needed to- but then pulling at the gusset pulled my panties down slightly to the top of my thighs. My legs being spread wide prevented them being pulled any lower. However, he did now have easy access to my vagina and he took advantage by inserting a finger as I lowered myself to the floor. He continued to finger me as we continued with the routine. We had abandoned the patting the floor in favour of petting each other. I reached in to grasp his penis at the root and pulled it. I wanted to see it once more before I had to turn around. As I pulled he caught my wrist so I pulled harder but instead of pulling him out I slid toward him. In one slick movement he was in me up to my hand. I realised only then that he had grabbed my wrist to direct his penis not to prevent me from pulling it. He immediately grabbed at my legs to pull me closer. I liked the feel of his young cock in me so I let go of it so he could pull me further on to it. It was impossible to fuck in this position so we just rocked in time with everyone else. It wasn't many seconds before I felt him pull my legs, tense up, pulsate and a hot sensation as he oozed his cum into me. It didn't spurt it sort of burst out of his penis. No orgasm for me but I didn't mind that. No one had seemed to notice the passive intercourse we'd had. By the time the music had stopped he had softened and sort of shrunk from me. I put my finger in the cum that was leaking from me, spread it on my lips and kissed him hard on the lips. "I've been gagging for a fuck, thanks Mrs." he whispered. 

I took my pint of lager, drank it down quickly and as I turned scooped some more of the mixture from pussy, spread it on my lips, lifted the head of the man I would be facing for the next few minutes and kissed him. Outside of him sporting an erection in his smart trousers and his eyes being glued to my naked pussy  -I didn't get to pull my knickers back up until our row won the competition- nothing else happened. He did get something nice later. 

Oh! except that the guy who had cum in me had his hands on my tits throughout the rest of the game and I had left a little cum on the floor. 

We had one more drink in that pub, I got my get out of jail card before going on to the next pub and game.