Written by Tintin007

12 Aug 2007

I had being seeing Sarah for about 4 years, as a late 30’s couple our love making had got quite exiting as we had been experimenting and exploring or boundaries. We were a typical late 30s couple, quite affluent and most would say a good looking pair. Sarah was well proportioned 5’9” tall long blonde hair, a slim 12 frame with lovely 36 DD tits, only a slight sagging, the nipples always seemed to point upwards. She was a real head turner. She was a sophisticated dresser and always looked very smart and sexy.

We had gone on holiday to Malaysia. One evening we went down as usual to our hotel bar, being warm but with air-conditioning at full blast, Sarah had decided to wear a knee length light cotton skirt and a very nice figure hugging French blue cashmere v neck sweater that promontory showed off her lovely firm tits, especially her cleavage. We got talking to a couple of businessmen in our hotel bar, a Jamaican called Derek, black 6’4” in his 30’s and Mike a English guy who was in his late 50’ about 5’6”. The drinks had flowed for most on the evening and we were all getting on really well, I could tell that Sarah was the centre of attention, her body language was very positive and she flirted like mad, touching them and looking deep into Derek’s and Mikes eyes.

Sarah and I invited them both back to our suite. I went of to the fridge to get some drinks in the kitchen, when I returned my heart missed a beat….Sarah was sat between Mike and Derek was looking up into the air as she was being kissed on both sides of her neck and shoulders, their hands were touching and kneading her tits through her figure hugging cashmere sweater.. I looked on stunned and mesmerised “…ohhhh that’s naughty stop stop….no…no that’s lovely that’s lovely”, she was responding positively and began to kiss Derek passionately on the mouth worming their tongues together.

Mike now clutched his hand at the V opening of Sarah’s sweater and began to tug it to one side stretching the cashmere and exposing her bra. He pulled more and more and more stretching it further until there was a distinct ripping sound. Her left tit now exposed but hanging in the purple lacy bra. Derek and Sarah were locked into passionate kissing, I don’t think that she was aware that her sweater had been virtually ripped from her. Mike now went to town on ripping her bra off, again stretching it to the limit so that the elastic gave way under a loud ripping sound as one of Sarah’s big DDs fell free. Mike squeezed her tit and I could see the nipple respond hardening under the rough treatment, Sarah by now was moaning with pleasure…,”oh..oh.. oh…I love it…I love it….come on come on”

Derek now moved down to her right tit nibbling and sucking hard at her tit while Mike move down to the left one. I was now looking at Sarah with two strange men either side of her devouring, licking biting her tits as her moaned with pleasure, her sweater and bra all but ripped to shreds just hanging there. Derek’s fingers were trashing away in Sarah’s pussy and were glistening with pussy juice

I now went over to them on the couch. Derek removed his wet fingers and pushed them gently into Sarah’s mouth. She licked her pussy juice off. I tugged at Sarah’s dress and knickers. She arched her back to I could remove them more which I did discarding them on the floor. I stood up and removed my clothes easing my briefs down allowing my 6” cock to spring out freely. I went over to Sarah and climbed on to missionary. And penetrated her in one big thrust that nearly knocked the wind out of her lungs.

Mike and Derek now began to remove their clothes as I began fucking Sarah like man possessed. I saw out of the corner of my eye Derek remove his trousers, his cock restrained by a white pair of Calvin kliens was a monster. And jutted up at 45 degrees – not bad I thought for a bloke in his late 50s. It must have been a good 10”. He then pulled his CKs off and it bounced up wards. Derek’s was smaller and at about 7” and thinner. They both wanked them selves as I ploughed into Sara’s pussy.

I then pulled out and lay down on the floor. Sarah got up from the couch and stood up, walked over to me and sat on me as I penetrated her again. I love this position as I could give her tits all the attention they deserve. She rudely adjusted herself so my cock was shuttling in and out of her pussy but her arse was pointing up in the air invitingly for action. Derek did not need a second invitation. Her came up behind us and knelt down. He rubbed his cock and I could feel it rub alongside the thick vein of my own cock as it reached a choice of a pussy or arse. I could feel him nudge her arsehole and began to penetrate her hole slowly. She was squealing with pleasure, panting and trying so get her breath. “go on…in you go you fucking sodomite” she cried out. I could feel him enter her as his cock flexed and continued its inward journey between the membrane between her pussy and arse. I thought I was going to shot my load there and then but managed to control myself

Sarah was quivering and shaking all over, moaning with ecstasy, fuck, fucking hell, fuck she was crying out.

Mike has now presented his big cock to her mouth, pulling her hair to direct her mouth over his cock, Derek was now behind Sarah in the doggie position gently invading Sarah’s arse, kneading and squashing Sarah’s hanging tits as if they were udders, “Your tits are the fucking best you fucking dirty whore” Derek shouted under panting breath

Mike said “Go on you dirty fucking slut, suck it all the way down, other wise this big cock is going to be shoved up your arse, and that will make your eyes water” he chuckled

We were all sweating like pigs by now. Here I was lying on the floor, Sarah on top of me riding my cock in her pussy, Derek by now forcefully ploughing his cock into Sarah’s arse which I could feel between the thin membrane, squeezing her tits so they were red and Mike having his cock sucked by Sarah a few inches away from my face

Derek’s hands now left Sarah’s tits allowing me to suck and nibble at them, the nipples were as hard as bullets. Derek’s hands now moved to Sarah’s sweaty hair. He pulled at her hair as if they reins causing her to pull her hair back like a wild horse. “I am riding you like the fucking bad mare you are you are you filthy spunk slut”

Sarah was in a state of ecstatic pre orgasmic lust crying out each time Derek and I thrust into her, She broke off from sucking Mike “Come on you bastards, my holes are so fucking ready for your spunk” she then went straight back to work on Mikes cock.

“Has this slut ever had two cocks in her cunt at the same time? Derek asked. “No I replied” “lets try and give the whore what she wants” Derek said.

Maintaining the same positions, Derek gave instructions to me and Sarah “I will pull out of her arse, you stay in her cunt and I wil slide it in alongside your cock” As Derek withdrew from Sarah’s arse I would feel more room, Sarah cried out, “No, no no…come on hurry”. I could then feel Derek’s cock head land on by balls. He held his cock firmly in this fingers and he began to penetrate her cunt with my cock buried deep inside. “Arrhhhh” Sarah cried out that’s’s sooooo good….slowly slowly slowly”

I felt my cock being dislodged and it seemed to bend around in Sarah’s cunt as Derek continued to ease his in….”Fuuuucking hell….I my cunt is ripping aaaarrrrhhhh its stretching arh…arh arh” Sarah exclaimed as she fought to control her breathing. Mike was now watching the spectacle rubbing and slapping his cock into Sarah’s face and rubbing his cock with Sarah’s hair.

As Sarah’s pussy began to acclimatise to the invasion of 2 cocks in her pussy, Derek and I began to thrust into her. Sarah’s face above me showed a mixture of wanton crazed lust, her haired being pulled in all directions by Mike and Derek who were using it like horse reins again, pulling her head back as we rammed into her cunt like 2 pile drivers . I could see Derek’s face over Sarah’s shoulder, just pure lust and aggression, his eyes closed, sweat pouring off his brow.

“I cant hold any longer you filthy fucking bitch….I am going to spunk into you so hard you little slut its going to come out of you fucking mouth.” Derek stopped thrusting and I could feel his cock twitch and twitch again he rammed in home as far as long as he could. I could feel his cock pulsating as he began unloading his spunk. I lost count the number of pulses but it must have been 10 or more, he just seemed to go on for ages, grunting and grunting as his spunk jetted from his cock. He stayed there, cock buried in her cunt alongside mine, He began to love bite Sarah on her shoulders and squeezed her tits again passionately. He them withdrew his cock from her cunt. A squelching noise accompanied the final withdrawal as spunk tickled out over my balls.

Sarah was in a state of denial, crying out to be filled with more meat,….”Come on you bastards…fuck me, fuck me…I haven’t cum yet you fucking twats” Mike obliged. He took Derek’s place and rubbed his cock and aimed it at Sarah’s arse, there was no way that his cock even using Derek’s cum was going to fit alongside my cock in Sarah’s cunt. I could feel his cock bang into Sarah’s bum. Her hole was not dilating enough and I could sense she was in a bit too much pain and told Mike to be careful. Mike scooped up some of the cum around my balls and rubbed his cock with it for lubricant and tried again, this time with more success.

“Fuck me this arse is a tight one” he exclaimed, “ fucking hell I can feel her vertebrae in this little slut”

At that point Sarah exploded into orgasm, she bucked shook and quivered in the biggest orgasm I have seem, That triggered Mike “ you impatient bitch FUCK” Mike let go and I could feel his cock explode between the membrane that separated our cocks in Sarah’s cunt and arse. He stayed in there spunking deep in her arse grabbing and squeezing at Sarah’s tits until they went vitually blue.

I could not hold back any longer myself with Sarah panting ontop of me I jetted my come to join Derek’s.

Mike flopped off to the side, Derek now presented his sticky cock to Sarah’s mouth for cleaning as I lay knackered underneath. Mile then presented his cock to Sarah for her to clean which she did nice an slowly. Sarah then flopped off me. I stood up on shaky legs and she duly cleaned me too.

Sarah then scooped up spunk leaking from her pussy and arse, she wiped her sweaty brow with the back of her had and picked up the ripped remnants of her cashmere sweater and bra to wipe way the cum that was still dribbling out of her holes.

What an evening of passion. We shared one more nigh cap before Mike and Derek left for their own rooms never to be seen again. But Sarah and I still have that ripped cum stain sweater and bra as a souvenir.