Written by KellyANDmike

7 Jul 2007

Sometimes Kelly gets in a very naughty mood. It’s never planned and usually involves rushing round trying to find a babysitter, a quick trip out to find a sexy outfit and then off to a local swinging club to find a willing single man, who meets Kelly’s very stringent standards, to make up a threesome.

We don’t have many rules other than we are both straight, always practice safe sex no pain or WS and never usually the same guy twice. The problem recently has been finding a guy Kells wants to play with without breaking the rules (like I said – very stringent standards!). So we decided to leave the clubs behind, use SH and be willing to accommodate (in more ways than one).

We placed an add on SH and got more replies than we bargained for, most of which were rejected as they had not read the ad properly, she gave up on finding someone and decided to go into the chat room, she started chatting to this guy, he was reasonably local, seemed to meet her requirements and was free that evening – perfect. Arrangements were made.

He arrived a little after 10 but that wasn’t really a problem – the anticipation is all part of the thrill. We sat down, put some tunes on and began chatting, relaxing, all getting to know each other and emptying a bottle of wine. It didn’t take long for the conversation to move to past swinging experiences and sexual adventures, this in itself was quite a turn on to share experiences with a total stranger – it was obvious we were both comfortable with moving the evening on as was he.

Kelly got the ball rolling. She stood up in her short Basque Skirt, black fishnet hold-ups, black stilettos and black lace bra, made her way to the bottom of the stairs (making sure we both had a great view of her black lace French knickers), leaned over and kissed out guest passionately, he brushed her nipple with his hand as he moved it lower sliding it up her thigh, he whispered when he reached her pussy “my god you are so wet mmmmmmm” Kelly then stepped back and said “I’m going upstairs, who’s joining me?” 2 seconds later we were all in the bedroom.

To be continued ….