Written by Fetish Heels

27 Sep 2008

After our first swinging experience (search for Fetish Heels author) we took a while to go back again. I didn\'t know whether my wife was having second thoughts or what so we had a chat one night when the kids were asleep.

It transpired that she was worried about how she\'d felt being rooted by a couple of strangers. Did she feel used ? Not at all - she was confused because she loved every minute and wanted more. But how did I feel on hearing this ?

Music to my ears !

So we booked up for the next party.

This time on the drive up, I spoke about what would turn me on. Although I always held a little bit back, I decided to a least be honest.

Last time we\'d had some fun in the dark room, but she was quite clingy with me in the place - wouldn\'t go anywhere.

This time, I said I\'d walk around with her, she could point out a few guys she liked the look of, but then I wanted her to go into the dark room by herself. If she came straight out, fine, we\'d carry on walking around and try again. But I hoped to enter 5 minutes after her and see her with some strangers cock in her mouth.

I knew once her juices started to flow, that things could get wild. As usual, she was in heels, stockings, suspenders, no nickers, a seethrough net black dress and a fishnet top with a bra that pushed her ample cleavage up, but that barely covered her nipples, which would occasonally pop out through her fishnet top.

Unknown to her, I\'d stuffed her 7-inch heel pumps into my jacket pockets. Although I like her in her 4 inch chucnky court shoes, and she can at least walk in them, I love to watch her being fucked in the ultimate shoe.

So the scene is set.

We get to the place, grab a couple of drinks, and she nips off to the loo to tidy herself up from the car journey (as usual!).

I look around, and I\'m pleased with what I see. Looks like a few single guys are on the prowl, along with quite a few ocuples and single women looking siutably dressed for a good hard seeing too.

One of the guys catches my eye.

Quite tall and lean, tanned and fit in black jeans and a thin sweater. Wispy greying hair - I immediately thought her type of guy.

She cam out and we carried on walking around.

Anybody catch your eye ?

A few she mused.

What about him?

Not bad she said.

I\'m going to top up my drink, why don;t you check out the dark room. She smiled and set off. God I loved watching her move.

So I got a drink, and took the opportunity to have a quick chat with the guy I\'d noticed.

Pretty bluntly, I asked if he\'d seen who I was with, and how did he feel about sticking his cock in her.

I explained that I was going to get her ready - we\'d nip into a room and I\'d come and get him.

Then I set off to the dark room - sure enough she wasn\'t waiting outside, so in I went.

It took a while for my eyes to adjust and not before some stray hands had rubbed my cock, but I could eventually see my wife against a wall with a guy sucking her tits. I moved closer, and saw his hand all over her pussy and her head was back and gasping - he was really pulling hard on her exposed tits with his mouth. His mouth reached up for hers and they exchanged juice. I could make out that the guy was fairly short and quite fat, but she didn\'t seem to care. Then they swapped positions, she agressively pushing him against the wall, she knelt down infront of him, and released his cock from his pants and starting making hungry slurping noises all over him. Although his cock was quite small, it was stiff and as I moved closer, it didn\'t take long to realise that he was going to come. I moved in behind her, and found wandering hands over her exposed ass and pussy, and I got my cock out to slip into her. Wow she was wetter than I\'ve ever felt. I managed a few thrusts (she\'d have no idea it was me) before they guy gorans and shot into her mouth.she pushed me away, stood up and pulled her skirt down, bra back over her tits and walked out of the dark room.

I wasite until she was gone - obviously enjoying some pussy groping of my own, before going out to get her.

I saw her walking along a corridor of room, came up behind her and pushed her into the room, my tongue ramming hers as I pushed her against the wall.

Grabbing hold of her nipples, I asked her if she enjoyed swallowing the fatties cum.

You saw she smiled?

Mine was the cock that slipped into you from behind I said.

With this I push a finger into her slot and called her a bitch and slut, and told her to wait in the room for a bit.

Clearly she was up for anything.

So I left and found my man. I told him he was to do what I said, and that eventually my wife would be issuing the instructions.

We entered the room togethr, my wife sitting on the bed.

Get up I said.

Now stand against the wall.

This fine man is about to kiss you, and with that he moved in and slipped his tongue carefully into her mouth. It was warmly received.

Squeeze her nipples I commaned - they were soon rock hard and she was groaning as they continued kissing.

Rub his crotch through his jean I told her. She grabbed both his ass and his cock.

Suck her tits.

Now onto the bed and sit on the edge.

I asked the guy if he liked her shoes?

Not bad he said.

Would he prefer to fuck her in these, and pulled out the 7inch pumps?

God yes - can she stand in them.

Just about.

Now kneel infront of her, take her shoes of and put these on.

With that he removed her chucky heels and replaced them with the ultimate cum fuck me heels.

I told him to stand infront of her, and take of his trousers.

Take his cock into your mouth.

Although she\'d probably had a good idea whilst he pressed against her, this was the first time I\'d seen his cock and it didn\'t didn\'t disappoint. 3 inched longer than mine, but so fat she had trouble stretching her bright red lipstick around it.

Pull back his foreskin and lick under his rim whilst looking up at him, and me whilst you do it, I commanded.

Oh yes he said.

Flicking her tongue around his rim, she then looked directly at me as she took his full length gagging at the sheer effort.

My cock was seeping by now.

Time to fuck.

The guy pulled out a condom and pushed her into the missionary position on the bed.

He effortlessly slipped his cock into her, and I watched in pleasure as I saw her stockings and heels wrap around her arse, bucking under the strain.

He was snogging her whilst pumping hard, making lots of squelching noises, her juice running everywhere.

Ok stop pumping I said.

He obliged but looked back at me confused.

Time for you to slide you hands under his sweater I told my wife. She looked at me and said what if he doesn\'t.... He will I cut her off.

He was pushing himself up, with one hand on her shoulder, and the other on her right tit.

She slid her hands up and made for his nipples.

Ah yes he sighed as she brushed them.

You like that do you my wife said - her eyes firmly locked on his.

Oh yes - as he started to pump her slowly.

What about if I squeeze a little harder, does that make you want to fuck my count hared she said.

He groaned and duly picked up his pace for a few strokes.

She made a brushing motion under his jumper and he eased down.

What about this hard ? she said

He\'d already pulled out and thrust his full weight behing his pump, which caught my wifes breath.

Oh yes she said - that\'s it, fuck my count hard - and she looked to be ripping of his right nipple.

He was fucking her so furiously now, sweating and heavy.

You like fucking my cunt don\'t you you big bastard.

You think I\'m a right slut don\'t you.

Well I need you to show my husband what a real cock can do, and with that she looked at me and told him to ease himself out.

Take his condom off - she told me.

I eased the condom off as instructed - a little confused by what was now happening, but neither of the men in the room were about to complain.

No take his huge cock and rub the length of my gash with it she said.

That\'s it now put it in me.

A first tie for me handling somebody elses cock.

Straight away it slid in, stretching her inner tube.

She sighed and her hands immediately returned to his nipples.

Now lets show him what we can do. And with that she lifted his sweater and moved her mouth onto his nipple.

Taking a breather, she told him

Now I\'m going to bite down on your nipple, and I want the full length of your cock to fuck me like you\'ve not fucked anybody before, do you understand.

with that she bit into him, he yelped but she didn\'t let go, and no matter where he went whilst pummelling her pussy she clung on. Fast and furious she was goraing, until he pulled up and groaned - spent.

She was thrashing on the bed - Oh yes you bastard, that\'s it, fuck my count, shoot up inside me, oh yes I can feel you twicthing you bastard.

Something told me she was twitching herself at this point.

He gingerly pulled out, cum and gush everywhere.

And where do you think you\'re going she said.

She beckoned him over and groaned as she took his sticky mess of a cock in her mouth, licking bother her juice and his cum of. She looked at me, and spread her legs and motioned with her hand.

My cock had been aching for some time so I was only to pleased to oblige - but my enthusiasm was abruptly halted by the sharp point of her heel.

She freed herself from his cock for a second, not your cock your tongue.

So I was now being commanded to lick her clean.

Only after a further orgasm was I allowed up.

I need to fuck you I said.

Ok, he\'s now clean and starting to come back to life, so whilst I get him to full strength you can enter me - but do not cum.

I was luving this new wife I had under me.

She hadn\'t really sprung back from his attention, so I wasn\'t making much of an impression.

What\'s the matter she said - finding his shoes hard to fill.

With that I decided to fuck her harder

Yes that\'s it she groaned. Now stop.

Get off. Now you (motioning to the guy whose cock was now almost back to its former glory, get on the bed on you back. With that took hold of the base of his cock , straddled him, and eased herseld down with a goraing Oh yes. he rode him back and forth, grunting and panting then lent right over him.

She looked back at me and said

Like the view - a proper cock stretching me for all I\'m worth. No be a dear and take that cock of your which is clearly useless in here now and ease it in here, and with that moved her hand onto her right arse cheek and pulled it aside revealing a very brown hole.

I probed at her arse, so excited.

It didn\'t take long - with all the lubrication flowing for me to get in. Thre or four probes, then she relaxed down on me and I slipped in to my base.

Now stay still both of you she commanded.

And with that she rocked back and forth.

Gradually picking up the pace, she grabbed hold of the guys nipples again and screamed.

I reached round under her and decided to apply equal pressure to her engorged nipples.

T\'d dreamed of this moment - two cocks in my wife, and mine in her arse. God it was so tight.

I\'m cumming I said.

Nothing but thrashing of heads.

Oh yes - my wife and I came together. We stopped, but only to get me out. Despite my small size, it was still quite something to see her ring take a time to pull back together as my cum seeped out of her.

She eased down the bed and took this monster cock of the stranger into her mouth, all the while letting me revel in the sight of the arse I\'d just explode in.

Slifing up and down his fat shaft, she pulled out of him. Now, fuck my mouth with your cock - and with that he grabbed hold of her head and pumped for all he was worth. I reckoned about 6 or 7 strokes and she was the cat that got the cream.

We all collapsed on the bed.

Eventually, the guy - whose name we still don;t know, said - you wife is one beautiful slut mate, and I love the shoes! with that he dressed and left the room.

Well, my wife smiled - you\'ve certainly unleased something in me - are you ok.

Bloody marvellous I said.

Come on, lets go home, my pussy need to recover.

We have to drive about 1 hour to out nearest club. Most of it motorway, so plenty of time to chat.

We spoke about what had happened.

She had loved every minute. The dark room, the other guy, the control, anal pain. She now wanted to push every boundary.

What do you mean I said.

I want another cock in me.

What ?

I want you to slow down as we go past the next truck she said.


With that, she put her heel clad legs up on the dash and eased her chair back, hositing her see through skirt above her waist.

Her right hand went down to her pussy, whilst her left freed her nipple and started tweaking it, all the while she was looking to her left (from the passenger side - dirving is now the one thing I am in control of it seems). We eased up to the truck.

He\'s looking at me she said.

I\'m not bloody surprised.

Five minutes of travelling alongside him and my wife was beavering away on her pussy.

He\'s motioning us ahead she said.

With that I pulled in ahead of him.

He flashed and put his indicator on.

We pulled of at the next junction, and into a layby.

He came up tight behing our car.

My wife beckoned him ou of his cab.

Fuck me mate - she\'s one horny slut he said as she opened the door.

His hand went straight to her.

She pushed it away and swun her legs round to face him kneeling in front of him with her face in my lap.

She looked back at him - fuck me. fuck me now.

He fumbled with his trousers as she fumbled with mine.

There really isn\'t anything to compare the sight of what happened next, as my glorious wife took it from behind from her 3rd stranger (at least I was to find out later she\'d had someone else in the dark room before I\'d got there) whilst looking up at me, her tongue slurping on my shaft as her head bobbed with the force of his thrusting.

It didn\'t take long and he grunted, I spurted and she just looked at both of us said thanks very much.

She shut the door, and said now take me home.