Written by smirnoffandice

26 Nov 2007

I was visiting some friends for the weekend, a group of 4 of us had gone out on the Saturday night, had a few drinks got merry and came home again. My husband called me the next day to ask how my visit was going and I told him fine and told him of the night out the previous night, he asked if I had been a good girl to which I answered yes. I said that 2 of us were going out again that night and he asked if I wqas going to be a good girl that night, to which I replied...would you like me to be? He said no,\" I want you to be a bad girl tonight\" With those words in my head as I headed out, I thought to myself right that\'s it, I know he wants me to be bad tonight so I was then on a mission. I jumped into the taxi and started some small talk with the driver, explaining I was just visiting the area for the weekend etc as he drove me to meet my friend. He asked if I would be needing a taxi later in the night and I said yes, gave his leg a gentle stroke and smiled at him,then instead of giving me the taxi firms number, he gave me his mobile number. My friend and I had our night out in the pub and had a good laugh and as the vodkas kicked in I kept thinking of the taxi driver so I sneaked off to the toilet and sent him a text message. It said...are you still going to cum for me? He quickly replied, I can\'t wait what time should I be there? Texts messages went back and forward for a little while until eventually I said I was ready to leave, I walked outside with my friend who got in the taxi as well and we dropped her off first, I was in the front seat and cautiously rubbing his leg the whole time, we got to my friends house, she said goodnight and we pulled away,only just around the corner where he stopped the car and pounced on me kissing me fiercely and puting his tongue deep in my mouth, he then said we should go somewhere, we drove off to one of the local parks and parked up there,by which time I had been rubbing his crotch and had undone his trousers, as soon as we stopped there, he adjusted his seat so as to lie down, I struggled to release his cock as it was so hard, but as I eventually got it out my head went down and I took his wholelength in my mouth, his head was all wet with some pre cum which I licked off before I sucked him off and teased him with my tongue, he said he wanted to fuck me, he adjusted my chair too and climbed on top of me as I wriggled out of my pants, he entered me but we were both so uncomfortable,we are both really tall, so I pushed him off me and he had a kind of disappointed look on his face, I tidied myself up then completely removed my pants and trousers,put my high heeled shoes back on and got out of the car, I positioned myself over the bonnet of his car and motioned to him to take me from behind, he couldn\'t get out of the car quick enough, he was right behind me and guided his cock into my pussy slamming it hard straight away, he was fucking me like there was no tomorrow,he then asked me how many fingers I thought I could take up the ass, I said 2 or 3,with that he put his hand down to my pussy and made his fingers wet before he twisted 2 fingers in my asshole fucking me there with his fingers while still ramming my pussy with his cock, this went on for about 10 minutes and then he announced he was going to cum, said he wanted to come over my tits, he withdrew his cock and I turned around for him to finish off by wanking over my tits till he came, I rubbed his cum into my body,he pulled up his pants and I got my clothes from the car, got dressed and got back into the taxi,stroking him again once we had hit the road again, by the time we got to my drop off point,he was hard again and I took his cock out again and gave him another blowjob, tasting my own juices as I devoured his cock and wanked him off into my mouth,I cleaned the cum frommy face and chin before kissing him and thanking him for the ride and got out of the car. I sent my husband a text, telling him I had been a bad girl for him and he was so turned on that I had actually went through with it, we text back and forward me giving him every detail and he was pulling the head off his cock for days before he saw me again and we fucked as we relived my experience in detail, this was a first for me but I hope it is not the last, it was such a horny experience and I hope to do it again soon, my hubby wants me to do it again too, was fantastic,I felt like such a used whore and it turned me on so much.