Written by Rob_Consort

17 Jun 2012

Not often Ali and I come upon shared person desired, but this Asian Mom was one my wife and I fondly retain AND share.

Ali and I were having dinner at a local bistro 2 blocks from our home…it was a delightfully warm, early evening so we had dinner at an outside table. Mid-dinner one of our apartment building neighbors, Hitomi and her 6-year old walked by our table…we greeted each other…and they continued on. Hitomi somewhere around 35 to 40…hard to tell for sure with Asian gals. She’s quite attractive without the ‘stunning features’ BUT still very pretty. She was wearing beige blouse over white walking shorts…though my wife and I shared note her shorts were…short! Hitomi has an alabaster-like skin tone…very smooth, creamy in appearance…almost as someone using body lotion or cold cream on a regular basis.

About 20 minutes later she came by without her son…we invited her to join us for a drink. She accepted…sat down with us…explained that her son had been invited to a night-over with friend…she just dropped him off and was heading home herself. We also learned her husband was on extended business travel. Our waitress came by…and amusingly shocking to Ali and me, Hitomi ordered an Apple Martini! Here we thought she’d go for a diet soda, or glass of wine…BUT instead a potent Martini variant! Oh well…about an hour and half later…and 2 additional Apple Martinis in Hitomi, we were all ready to head home. We got to our building, and in unison Ali and I asked Hitomi to join us for another drink in our home. I couldn’t promise her the same Apple, but assured I could still make her a good, traditional Vodka Martini. She accepted, though asked for a lite version. I respected her wish, though had my own interpretation of ‘lite’…AND that would be a very strong dose of Vodka!

Hitomi enjoyed…we continued to chat about ourselves, our activities and got a bit personal with little reluctance from Hitomi to also share personal things. My wife and I sort of signaled each other…to give this a try. When I renewed Hitomi’s drink and approached her, I noticed she had NO bra under the blouse. Hard to tell beforehand…she doesn’t have large breasts…in fact she’s somewhat modest though her nipples clearly sexy-looking. I suggested we could share some of our experiences with her…in real time…given any interest on her part. She nodded approval. I began to unbutton her blouse…no objection. At removing her blouse, those nipples grabbed Ali’s and my attention. Then Ali suggested that to fully enjoy our ‘fun’ Hitomi should remove her shorts as well. She didn’t react positively at first, BUT I decided to unbuckle her belt. Ali came up behind her and gently had her rest her back so I could maneuver and remove her shorts…while doing so Ali also grasped her panty so that both shorts and panty came off in one smooth motion.

Hitomi’s body turned out to be wonderfully beautiful…slim yet full thighs…creamy and smooth in appearance. Her Vaginal area was smoothly shaven…she having a long, thin cunny area…lips closely pressed together. They didn’t stay that way for long! As I massaged her legs and thighs, Hitomi reacted by ever so slightly opening her legs, revealing an inviting cunny door…labia and vulva quite damp from whatever expectations Hitomi started to feel. Ali ‘invited’ me to show Hitomi how I pleasure a woman. With no delay, I gently kissed Hitomi’s face and lips…moved down to her breasts…slowly sucked each nipple…then moved down to her cunny.

At first I kissed her surrounding vaginal area…then slowly massaged her inner thighs while my face moving ever more closely to her now inviting pussy. As I did so, I noticed my wife massaging Hitomi’s breasts and nipples…carefully tweaking her titties with gentle pain. I then started to lick her pussy…then fully pressed my lips and entire mouth on her cunny…I was set to eat her out! While I kept her upper cunny occupied with my mouth and tongue, I proceeded to insert a finger into her lower cunny while also fingering her anal entry. Hitomi was now fully aroused and enjoying her sexual satisfaction. As I proceeded to get more intense in her cunny, I saw my wife had quickly disrobed, and straddled Hitomi’s face in an almost instant. I could tell Hitomi was surprised, but didn’t reject my wife’s move. Just as quickly, Ali started to massage her pussy in Hitomi’s face, quietly suggesting that she extend her tongue into my wife’s cunt. To assist, my fingers pressed deeply into Hitomi’s cunny canal…and I ordered Hitomi to eat Ali. Once again, little objection… Hitomi’s body quivered more as she ate Ali’s pussy…and I continued to more deeply engage her now savored pussy…!

We engaged for well over an hour and half…my wife had an orgasm on Hitomi’s face…and I knew Hitomi had at least 2 full orgasms while I ate, fingered and manipulated her well-eaten pussy and cunny canal.

My cock was in extremis at that stage…wanting to so hard fuck Hitomi…BUT, Hitomi signaled her objection when I started to move my cock in position…she was desperate to NOT be fucked. At that stage of the evening, I could have simply disregarded her objection and fucked her…my wife was ready to assist holding Hitomi’s legs open. BUT, Ali and I looked at each other…we wanted to remain in ‘good favor’ with Hitomi…not do something she would object to and remember negatively of us. So, in good shift of attention, I fucked my wife…right in front of Hitomi. My cock spunked in less than 5 minutes…creamed my wife’s cunny canal…! AND, to our joint pleasure, Hitomi moved over to my wife…and proceeded to eat Ali’s creamed cunt. I was astonished…and my wife was absolutely so pleased…!

To this day, now 3 years later, Hitomi and Ali get together for lunch or supper every six weeks or so…and I can assure you I know exactly what’s on the dessert menu every time. Every so often, Ali will invite me to join them for dinner…NOT just to pay the tab…but to as well share Hitomi’s inviting pussy. BTW, I’ve NEVER fucked Hitomi’s cunt…but eating her out is one very delightful swing/swap event I always relish participating…!