Written by Jay_walker

26 Jun 2013

After the initial shock of Glenn making Debby come, she got a bit coy and defensive, saying to me I had set her up and should have asked her first. I was a bit disappointed at her reaction and started to think I had had the highlight of the night. She wasnt even looking at Glenn. I guessed she felt a bit guilty and annoyed. Glenn however was having none of it. He pointed out to her she could have told him to stop and she chose to let him make her come, and clearly enjoyed every bit of it! She relented a bit saying well its hard to stop when you are that aroused. He smiled at her saying poor you, and she ended up smiling at him. Phew-a break through. He suggested we all go back to the bar, let him buy us a drink, and enjoy the night. she said ok, and made a point of holding on to my arm as we all walked back down to the downstairs bar. There are rules in the bar that no more than heavy petting and no nakedness is allowed. Probably to help new people ease in gently and not be freaked out straight away-lucky for me they had these rules thinking back on it. He was good at small talk and made her laugh a few times as we waited to be served. He said "Jay, how bout you go and find us all a table to have our drinks, and Debby can fill me in on whos having what to drink and help me carry them. She seemed ok with that, and looked at me to see if I minded. I smiled back happily at them both, trying not to look too eager. He ordered the drinks, insisting she had a treble, saying its the least he could do after playing with her lovely puss. She stared at him for a second then had to laugh. "we ok then? he asked very charmingly. "yes, it was more Jay that I was angry with" "Angry or embarresed?" "Both!" she laughed sipping her drink. "well in here the friendly way to show that is with a nice kiss, and Jay will be lessed worried you are going to storm off" "If I was going to storm..." He leaned in for a kiss and kissed her softly on the lips, then kissed her again, this time his tongue found its way into her mouth and next thing they were circling tongues. I had to control myself not to come on the spot. If I as much as touched my aching cock I think I would have come, I was enjoying the jelousy, lust and need for urgent release too much. He was stroking her arse round and round through her velvet skirt as they continued to openly snog. I knew this was a very big turning point and she was now fully into the fun. They came back and she sat next to me, Glenn sat the other side of her. We all carried on chatting as if nothing had happened. I think she felt a bit self conscious in front of me, as she had never done anything like this before, but it was clear she was loving it. Glenn started to stroke his hand up her skirt on her inner thigh. "Stop it" she said giggling. "Give me another kiss baby he said sexily in her ear. I've already felt inside your lovely hot puss" Again she glanced at me blushing as he still stroked up her leg. I noticed she was moving her leg out and it kept pushing against him. "thats it, darling" I said encouragingly. "Have fun with him. Its turning me on, you sexy bunny (one of our silly nicknames). "We cant do it here" she said. "we can baby" Glenn explained. "Its just being nude or openly screwing that they dont like in the bar. Not light playful stuff like this" He started kissing her again, she was really going for it with her tongue now, circling and pushing it in his mouth, as his fingers slid inside the crotch of her knickers for the 2nd time that night. "Join in Jay" he said arrogantly as if she was his girlfriend and I was the stranger. It just added to the hornyness of the whole situation. I said "it would be a lot easier if we slip these off" he smiled and said patronisingly "good suggestion Jay, lets slip them down together." Debby started to protest lightly, I could tell she didnt mean it as she was lifting her bum up off the seat to make it easier. "anyway" I pointed out "you still have your skirt on to cover what we are doing". No-one bothered answering me, it was all actions. We slid her knickers off, and Glenn said to keep them in my pocket. I found myself doing what ever he asked now. We both held her legs apart, nice and wide and leisurely played with her soaking, slurpy slit. I rubbed my fingers on her clit while Glenn slid 2 fingers in and out her juicy hole, then Glenn pushed my hand away and held her clit between his thumb and finger and gently squeezed it, telling me to finger her hole. After a couple of minutes of this Debby was panting, her head thrown back and a look of sheer ecstacy on her face, he would stop each time she started to push her cunt up harder for more, knowing she was close to her 2nd come. She was now rubbing the front of both our bulges, and we took turns kissing her mouth deep with our tongues. Suddenly he called over to his mate who he had been standing with when we first arrived. "Dave we are going to take this upstairs to one of the playrooms soon, come up and join in" He was still rubbing her slit and clit with me as he spoke. Debby sat upright,"I dont know about your mate" she said on the defense. "It will be my cock you come on and my cock you suck first, and you will love it I promise. I want you for my little slut whore tonight baby. He was fingering her hole with 3 fingers and rubbing her clit with his thumb, I ended up just holding her pretty pussy lips open for him, her legs were now as wide open as they could go. she didnt care anymore who saw or watched. "Will you be my little slut whore, and come on my rock hard cock?" "oh yeah, you can fuck me" "tell Jay" she could hardly get her breath as she said to me "Glenn is going to let me come on his cock and I am his little slut whore" I squeezed her thigh that I was holding open in appreciation of her full convertion to complete wanton slut. "Dave will help me make you come again and again and again" "Ok Glenn" she was ready to agree to almost anything. He told Dave to stand behind her lift her bra up under her top and rub her tits and nipples as we fingered and rubbed her full slit to 2 more shuddering comes. "Time to go upstairs" Glenn announced. Her eyes were glazed over in a state of pure lust. We all headed upstairs knowing it was time to start filling her ready pussy and mouth with hard throbbing cocks. Last part of story tomorrow!