Written by Andy_9a3

27 Jul 2008

Hi this is more of a fantasy i met my girlfriend about 3years ago she was 18 i was her first guy she ever fucked after about 3 or 4 months i started talking to her when we had sex about all things i would love to do and try and she seem to get really horny and she started talking dirty back and belive me i loved it said fuck me deeped hard i want you to come in me but my main fantasy was to see she fuck a other guy and i started to say as i licked her would'nt you love to be sucking a other cock right now yes she started to suck her finger one night my mate came round for a drink after a few he went up stairs i started to feel her tits and saying would you stop me if i lifted up your top but she did soon he was out the door her pants were off i stared sucking her tits but as i fingered her she was thinking it was my mate licking her wet pussy we both came after about 10 mins just the thought of her fucking someone else but she at the mo won't take the next step but im still tryin , were from walsall in west midlands i would would to meet a couple outdoors for some fun .