2 Aug 2016

Part three

We had a burger meal on the way home and by noon we were sitting naked on Jack’s sofa with my favourite bi mature swingers film playing on Jack’s big screen TV and a series porn and swinger sites on Jack’s 17” laptop on Helen’s knee. We uploaded pictures with our faces blanked out and joined swingingheaven as a bi couple with a friend.

We started chatting to a bi couple, in their fifties, about thirty miles away and flashed up the webcam in a private room. Chrissy was wearing a red basque and stockings. Dave’s similar outfit was in pink. Dave’s mobile number came up on the screen and he waved the handset. I rang, both phones were on speaker Jack transferred the image to the big screen and we introduced ourselves. We explained that we had only started swinging this weekend had no previous experiences and outlined the last two night’s activities..

Chrissy noted that all our fun had been with men and said to Helen. "Have you ever had sex with a woman?"

"Helen answered. "No I haven't."

Chrissy asked the obvious question. “Would you like to?”

Helen looked to me, I smiled and she turned back to the camera. “Yes I would.” She replied

“How about this afternoon? I’d love to meet you.” She said.

“That’s all of you.” Dave chipped in.

Jack had a few bits of clothing and we managed to cobble together something to wear under our leathers. We each had a pair of hold ups, Jack and I wore a suspender belt and Helen a sheer shorty nighty. Helen also wore a pair of ordinary knickers so as not to spoil her new leathers.

We were welcomed into Chrissy and Dave's house got out of our leathers and, unbidden, Helen slipped her knickers off. We swapped kisses all around. Dave told us that they'd invited an older couple to join us who should be here soon. Chrissy invited Helen to join her on the sofa putting her at ease chatting and stroking her leg.

The back door opened and from the kitchen a female voice called out. "Hello."

“We’re in here Edith” Called back Chrissy and in walked the skinny 72 year olds Edith and Fred wearing a summer dress and shirt and trousers. More introductions, kisses and Chrissy said to Edith. “Would you like to join Helen and I on the sofa. This is Helen’s first time with a woman.”

Edith took off her dress revealing very ordinary white knickers and bra which she also took off. Her hips and arse were quite wide and fat for such a narrow torso and her tits pointed straight down. Fred’s cock and balls similarly hung straight down. Large but completely flaccid Dave got on his knees and started licking and fondling. Jack and I stood touching each other, occasionally kissing and watched the ladies.

They started slowly. The two experienced ladies took it in turns kissing Helen. A hand or two was always in contact with one or both of her breasts. Edith went on to the floor, on her knees facing Helen and put a hand on each of her knees and started stroking. Helen responded to gentle pressure by opening her legs and Edith wasted no time in leaning forward and burying her face in Helen’s vagina.

That was the start. I saw Helen sucking breasts fingering and liking vaginas and having the same done to her. The three women moved around on and around the sofa pleasuring each other. Dave stood up, Fred rubbed lube onto his fully erect very large penis and moved over to the women. Helen was on her hands and knees licking Edith’s vagina. Fred got on his knees, nudged his penis into Helen’s rear, spread her cheeks with his fingers and pushed his penis into her and started pumping away.

This was the largest penis that Helen had taken but it didn’t seem to make a difference she parted her knees a little more and pushed back in a rhythm with Fred. She couldn’t maintain her cunt licking and lifted her head over Edith’s belly. She took her hands off the floor and took hold of both of Edith’s breasts.

In the course of the afternoon I fucked Chrissy and Edith and had snogging and sucking sessions with Dave and Fred. It was almost six O’clock and we were sitting around resting. When Dave took a phone call.

He seemed pleased and asked Chrissy if Ali and a couple of his cousins could pop around. "You'll love them Helen. Rock hard and plenty of stamina."

Ten minutes later three straight young men of Pakistani origin, in their twenties arrived. They were very enthusiastic and each fucked each of the women over the course of the next 40 minutes or so before quickly dressing and leaving. After that whirlwind we climbed back into our leathers and set of for home. I counted up and thought that sex with nine men and two women was a good first weekend for Helen’s swinging career.