Written by Carla

7 Jan 2008

My friend,Briege phoned me a few weeks ago and told me that she had moved to Belfast and was living at the new Quayside apartments. I told her that I would call round to see her when I was in town, shopping. So last Saturday, after I had finished loading the groceries into the car, I drove round to the Quayside.

Briege was delighted to see me and showed me round her apartment, which was huge and decorated to a high standard. The master bedroom was done up in an Art Deco style and had a massive four poster bed.

We had some wine and talked about old times. Briege said that she was now living with a guy called Kevin and he would be home soon. By the time Kevin got home, we had polished off over a bottle of wine and were in high spirits. Kevin was really nice and insisted on me staying and going out to dinner with them, Briege and I took a shower and I borrowed some of her clothes to go out.

When Kevin saw me in Briege\'s short skirt and low cut top, he said, Very sexy, Youre lucky Briege is here or Id take you to bed now. I laughed and told him that I\'d never been to bed in a four poster.

We got a taxi to a restaurant and had our meal and we ordered two bottles of wine. As the wine flowed, Kevin got more forward and kept saying how sexy I looked.

When we were in the toilets, Briege said, I think Kevs got the hots for you. Would you like to share him tonight? I said, Are you serious. Yes said Breige, it would turn me on to see him with you in bed.

On the taxi ride home, Kevin sat between us and took turns at kissing each of us and he put his hand up my skirt and had a good feel of my pussy.

Once inside the apartment, Briege and I went into the bedroom and she suggested that we strip to our g-strings and stockings and tease Kevin a bit. We came back into the lounge, carrying drinks and with our boobs exposed. We sat either side of Kevin and Briege unbottened his shirt,while I unzipped his trousers. I got up and pulled them off and then got on my knees and rubbed his penis, while he kissed Briege and fondled her boobs.

I put his cock between my lips and started to give him a blow job. Briege said, Lets continue this in bed.

We led Kevin, now naked to the four poster and he lay on his back. I carried on sucking him off, while Briege got him to lick her fanny. Briege panted, Ride him, I want to see you ride him. I squatted over him and guided his cock into me. I rode up and down on it like a whore and his body tensed and I felt him shoot his load up me. I rolled off him and lay beside him on the bed and Briege 69D him and got him hard again. I lay there and watched him mount Briege and bring her to orgasm. They asked me to stay for the night, so I phoned home and left a message for my husband. I returned to bed and we wore poor Kevin out as the night went on, so Breige and I did a 69 together. Neither of us had tried that before,but we both enjoyed licking Kev\'s cum from each others pussys.