Written by Hot lips

10 Oct 2014

It seemed like forever for Saturday to arrive and now it had I was beginning to get nervous how the night would go. We went shopping in the day and I got her some new underwear as I thought this way she is more likely to try it on later and hopefully when our guest arrived. We got home and I had a shower and had some food, I then said I would run her a bath and put in the bath bomb we had bought earlier and put a few candles around. I went downstairs to tell her it was done and then took her a glass of wine, she was loving the attention so I left her to it and went to watch tv. A while later I had heard her get out the bath, she popped her head around the door and said "are you ready" for what I replied. "This" and she walked in with her new underwear on. Wow she looked stunning, a little pink and whit thing and matching bra with a see through nighty that didn't really cover anything. She was in the mood and came close so I could get a good look and feel. Already she was trying to get my cock out so I had to try and put her off hopefully for later.

We sat watching tv when there was a knock at the door, she jumped and said "who's that?" I got up and she tried to hide behind me because what she was wearing. I could see it was Jon, "oh it's Jon" I said as I went to open the door, she ran upstairs and I think Jon got a good look at her as I opened it. He said I'm not interrupting am I? No come in do you want a drink. So I had a chat with Jon and thought I will see where she has got to, I went upstairs and she said "who's that?" It's Jon an old mate I had not seen for a while, he was just passing and thought he would pop in. She said Oh ok well I better out my dressing gown on. So we went downstairs and all had a few drinks, watched tv and caught up. My wife got on with him pretty well and Jon seemed to like her as I caught him looking at her a few times. Nothing really happened other than her dressing gown riding up a few times and Jon getting a good look. I was trying to get things moving but I was struggling. Jon then said can I nip to the toilet and I'm going to get going, so I pointed where it was to him. He then came back down and said he was off and said bye.

By now she was ready for bed so she went up first while I switched everything off. I then heard her saying "oh no" I said what's the matter? She said I forgot to move my clothes after my bath so Jon has seen all this mess. She then said why are my knickers so wet as she picked them up to put them in the wash basket. They are soaking like they have been washed? She then clicked " he's had a wank in them and washed them under the tap!" She stood there with them to her nose, she said she could smell cum and it must be him. I thought it was funny but she was not so impressed. " are you going to ring him " I said I can hardly ask him if he's wanked in your knickers can I? She chucked them in the basket and got in bed. I then followed her and got in bed, she still had her new underwear on and now she seemed turned on. I touched her pussy through her thong and It was very wet. I said "why are you so wet?" I don't know maybe it's the thought of what Jon has done. So you don't mind now I asked? Well I suppose it was a waste, of cum, I would of preferred it in me. "So can he come round again I asked?" Yes and I will tell him next time where to cum. She was really horny now and wanted her toys out, so I got her anal beads and slowly put them in. As I did this I asked her what it felt like and she said it's like a cock, i said who's cock and said moaned "Jon's cock". I got them all in and she was loving it, me licking her get pussy with her madly sucking my cock and with the beads up her arse. I carried on talking about Jon and what we will do to her next time he comes round. She came about 4-5 times ending with me fucking her from behind whilst her beads still being in her.

Afterwards this time she still says she wants to try it for real so I am going to ask Jon round again and this time she will know what to do.