Written by dirty bastard

8 Apr 2009

My wife went out to a friend of hers who was having a girls night.I thought i would go & meet her after finishing work.When i got to the house there was no reply so i went to the pub to find her.The doors were locked so i went around the back to go through the beer garden and the conservatory.Walking down the steps i noticed a few people in the bar.I then noticed someone in the conservatory near the pool table getting closure to the window i noticed it was my wife standing there.

She was wearing her grey fur coat which she never goes out in.A few moments later a friend of ours walked in & things got interesting i stood back so not to be seen & to watch what would happen.I watched as her top was lifted to reveal her tits & to see her getting her tits licked & sucked which she likes when she\'s had a drink.Sharon the started to rub his cock throught his jeans then unzipped him & started to wank him off rubbing her fur coat over his cock.I watched trans fixed as her jeans were undone & pulled down to reveal her knickers.He then inserted a couple of fingers & started to give her a good fingering, she was moaning softly & they started kissing with tongues flicking in & out of each others mouths.I realised i had a massive hard on & started to wank off watching my dirty bitch.

Our friend then went down pulling Sharon\'s knickers to one side & started to lick her pussy (which always tastes nice).He was was getting his tongue right up her snatch & she was tossing her head back biting her lip trying not to moan out loud & give the game away.I knew she not to far from coming as she placed her hand on the back off his head & fucked his face for all she was worth.All this time i continued to wank watching Sharon take that tongue in her fur coat like a horny bitch.

After Sharon had come she dropped to her knees rubbing his cock around her fur collar then she started to lick the tip of his cock then she started to suck him off.He then placed his hand on her head & started to fuck her face,i could hear her taking that cock & it sounded like she was loving it.I watched as he started to push his cock further into Sharon\'s mouth & his face twisted up & he came splashing his spunk over Sharons lips face & hair.

Sharon then pulled her knickers up straightened her fur coat then walked back into the pub i put my cock away and left the beer garden peering throught the toilet window to see Sharon wiping the spunk off her face & hair.

When i got home later Sharon was sat watching T.V in went up stairs to find her fur coat on looking at it there was splashes of spunk on it.I took it down stairs & got her to give me a blowjob all the time thinking of what i had earlier seen.I just wish she would wear it out with me.

Next time i go in the pub i\'m going to have a word with our friend & get him to arrange a vicar & tarts night then Sharon might wear her fur coat out with me one night then me & our friend can fuck her all over the pub.

let you know if she gets it over the pool table.........