Written by anonymous

21 Mar 2008

The other week me and my girlfriend met up with a guy in a local pub in rochester and we ended up back at his place.

To cut a long story short we ended up drunk as skunks and i persuaded her to give me a blow job.

She started to but to be honest i couldnt get it up i was so drunk.

The next thing i remember i woke up and she was laying back on the settee alongside me and he had her legs held high and her breasts out as he was really pounding in to her with a very impressive and very hard cock. She was panting and puffing as he fucked her hard.

My own cock had stirred in to life and i knelt on the settee and offered it in to her mouth. She didnt suck me but she did wank me and flick her tongue over the end.

This soon stopped as his fucking got more intense. She clean forgot about me as he slammed in to her with everything he had. A minute or two later he said he was cumming and shoved it deep in her and filled her.

We all cleaned ourselves up and carried on drinking,later we left.

She told me however that the next day he phoned her and invited her round. She went and his brother was there.

Apparently they both ended up fucking her and she said she even let his brother fuck her up the arse. Something she has always said no to me about.

She said they can do what they like with her and there is nothing i can do about it.

I am kind of getting off on this new cuckold lifestyle but it is a bit strange and deep down i know it is wrong.

She said they now want her to take part in a gang bang and they reckon they know a bi girl who wants to fuck around with her too. She reckons she is game!

Watch this space.