Written by Dave

23 Sep 2008

Some of you might have read my story about how me and the wife got into swinging when I organised a chap to meet us while we were away for the weekend.

After this we set some ground rules so that we knew our boundaries. I wont go into the rules but you probably get the idea.

Sue was going out for the night with some girlfriends and before she left we got all hot discussing her being a slut. It wasn\'t likely to happen because Sue didn\'t want her friends knowing about what she liked to do. Sue and I agreed that she could have some fun as long as she was careful.

Sue and a friend called Carly spent most of the night chatting about guys. Carly was single and Sue liked discussing what Carly could get up to with the guys that were in the bar. Sue was quite hot and wasn\'t wearing any knickers. Carly ended up snogging a chap, Mark, but she was very pissed and when the night ended Carly asked Sue to accompany her to Marks place.

Sue shared a Taxi and was embarassed as Carly and Mark got it on! Arriving at Marks they all went in for a drink.

Carly was really out of it by now and she passed out on the sofa leaving Sue and Mark alone. Sue was only there for Carly but she also had other thoughts going through her mind.

Mark and Sue chatted about how Carly was going to get home and Mark apologised about the taxi ride. Sue said she was quite turned on by watching them get it on and said she would have preferred to have joined in.

Sue was a little drunk too but made sure Mark could see up her dress. Mark took the hint and kneeling in front of Sue he parted her legs and lifted her up for a mouthful.

Sue squirmed and then unzipped Mark and sucked his cock. Sue took a mouthful and swallowed, Mark hadn\'t lasted long.

Carly started to wake up and fortunately didnt see what had happened. Sue and Carly left Marks apartment and got a Taxi home.

Sue got home and told me the story. Which was one of our rules, to be honest about what you got up to.