Written by marysboy

15 Aug 2007

The ad said that they would be interested in meeting someone who had been in the swinging scene. They were inexperienced, but would like to meet with a couple who was. No pressure please.

My wife and I had some experience. We thought we would give it a try.

My older brother was an experienced hypnotist, and I used to practice hypnosis on my wife. She was an excellent subject. Anyway, we were invited to dinner at this couple's house.

After dinner we sat in the living room. They were very nervous. The subject of conversation ran from sports to politics. I looked for something to break the ice. I brought up the subject of hypnotism. I said that I could hypnotize my wife, and give her a post hypnotic suggestion. Which meant, she would be fully awake and do what was suggested while she was hypnotized.

I put her under, and as a post hypnotic suggestion I told her that Bill would ask her to make a drink in the kitchen and she would come out as a topless waitress. I brought her out of hypnotic state. We continued our normal conversation.

After about five minutes, the suspense was killing him, Bill asked my wife, "Would you please go in the kitchen and make me a rum and coke.

My wife said,"I'd be glad to."

As I predicted my wife, Helen, Came out bare breasted. She had removed her blouse and bra. Her beautiful 36-C stood out proud. Her nipples reacting to the cool air conditioning.

"Here's your drink Bill" My wife said. I thought his eyes would pop out of his head.

"Would you like to check out if their real" I asked.

He put the drink on the coffee table. My wife sat along side him. He started to play with her breast. The ice had been broken.

I sat on the couch with my wife between us. I lifted her skirt exposing a well trimmed pussy. With that his wife said, "What about me?'

I went over to her, and started kissing her. As she responded I removed her dress, and bra.

We laid on the floor, and continued our love making. I felt a mouth on my cock. It was Bill. It felt good but I couldn't cum.

When he realized I couldn't make it He started fucking his wife. My wife finished what he had started. After we both came. Bill got up he seem embarrassed. We made quick goodbyes and left.

About a month later we met them at a club he seemed embarrassed. He, and his wife moved to the other end of the bar. You never know...