Written by Dave_RRoberts

4 Nov 2014

She looked like she would faint.

The surprise was almost too much, but after the initial shock, she relaxed a little and continued to suck on my cock whilst he was easing his large endowment into her moist pussy.

This was her fantasy, and now it was beginning to happen.

He pressed home his cock and she was moving in time with him. He began to ride her quicker, and she had to pause with me to take a breath.

Her face was flushed and she was obviously enjoying the attention, but she could not look me in the eye due to being slightly embarrassed with how she so readily let another man fuck her.

She asked if she could change positions, which we did. She sat in his cock, and it slid effortlessly into her pussy. She rode him like she had never rode me in the past, and was in a state of abandon. I felt a little jealous, because her attention was all on him and not me.

She must have sensed this because she grabbed my cock and started to wank me. This did not last long however, because I came with a rush all over her tits in no time.

She was rogered in most every position by both of us over the next couple of hours, only to stop for a drink or two, and a towel.

We were all laid on the bed in a post sex relaxed state, so I offered to go get some drinks.

To my utter surprise, she asked me not to come back for a while because she had unfinished business with our guest. This was the most brazen I had ever seen her. I was both jealous and turned on at this change in her, but could hardly complain, because this was something I engineered.

So I left to get some drinks.

I returned with the drinks, but couldn't resist listening at the door. And, yes, she was still being fucked by him. I walked in and the atmosphere was a little awkward. I think I may have spoiled the moment a bit.

We had our drinks, said our goodbyes, and he left.

We did not talk about what had happened, just went to bed and slept.

The following morning we talked, and I asked her if it had been all she had imagined it would be. She said it was that, and better.

I said that if she liked it that much, then we could arrange it some time in the future. She told me that she had already got his number, and that if I didn't arrange something, then she was afraid that she would without me.

She said,"size is not everything, but boy is it fantastic".

I think that I have created a monster :)