Written by Kentbookworms

4 Dec 2014

This is a brief account of how i saw my Mrs being fucked so hard i thought she wouldnt be able to walk let alone stand afterwards.

I have always wanted her to be shared or used or indeed anything but she has always said no. We were in our local in Rochester three weeks ago when i guy we knew from ages ago came in. Several drinks later my Mrs was getting quite merry. She is in to books,the older the better and he said he had aquired some fantastic ones recently and would we like to pop round now to take a look.

Well we did.

The wine flowed,we were looking at his book collection and regretably i am ashamed to say i nodded off in the armchair.

I woke up and the room was now darkish with just a lamp on.

They were nowhere to be seen,i was a bit groggy but wandered quietly in to the kitchen,nothing. I had only been here once before so didnt want to go wandering about.

I listened in the hallway and i could hear muffled noises coming towards the end.

There were two doors,one closed but the other was ajar. It appeared to be a sort of half study half bedroom and with the door open a crack i could see inside without entering.

Peeping through the gap i saw in the dim light a sight i will never forget. My Mrs was laid back on the edge of a bed,thighs parted with him between them obviously tonguing her pussy. This was my dream come true but i was transfixed and a bit shocked,i think i even held my breath. Despite this being my dearest wish i was almost numb as i watched them. It was like a dream that i was not a part of.

He had her thighs parted really wide and her legs up high,she was thrashing about as he worked on her roughly. Then he stood up. His trousers were already at half mast. He pulled at the front of his pants and his cock must have now been exposed to her.

She still just lay there. I could now see she was minus panties. He reached forward and pulled her upright. Without much grace or charm he held her head and although i couldnt see i knew his cock was now in her mouth. He fucked her mouth as she held his thighs.

It wasnt aggressive but it certainly wasnt gentle either.

This probably lasted only a few minutes but it seemed an age.

I became aware my cock was hard from watching.

Unzipping my jeans i reached inside,past my pants and as best i could i started quietly wanking/stroking myself.

He withdrew and i heard her slurp and gasp for air.

Then he pushed her back on to the bed and made her slide further back.

As i watched and stroked my cock in the doorway whilst trying not to be noticed i saw him lift her thighs high and wide. She clasped them,he moved between them and he was inside her in one swift movement.

After two slow pushes he started to fuck her with hard strokes and real speed.

She was gasping as he hammered at her pussy with his cock. I could hear every slap as his groin slammed in to her. His speed was incredible.

He was slamming it all the way in then withdrawing completely only to slam it back in again. She started to cry out. He put his hand over her mouth to stifle her. She then pulled a pillow over her face but i could still hear her muffled moans.

Then he stopped dead.

Grabbing her thighs he twisted her roughly over on to her front.

I noticed then that her top and bra had been pulled upwards to expose her breasts.

She was now on all fours. She looked wonderful with her arse exposed awaiting his cock. Her pale skin shone as he gripped her buttocks. I wondered if he was going to attempt anal with her. This is something she doesnt do but i so wanted him to have all of her.

Neither had really spoken but i heard him say "Arch your back".

She didnt appear to move so he more firmly said again "ARCH YOUR BACK".

She seemed to come to her senses for a second and looked back towards the doorway briefly. I moved back for a second,she hadnt seen me luckily. Taking a chance i resumed watching,she did as he asked and he immediately shoved his cock straight in to her pussy.

Again he fucked her hard and fast. Fully using her,i could see he was sweating.

He stopped with his cock embedded inside her and reached around to play with her breasts,he was panting and probably getting his breath back. Then his hands came back slowly around and down her back. This movement was quite loving. From the angle i stood watching it was awkward to see fully but i knew he was doing something with her bottom.

It looked as though he was finger fucking her arse. She was groaning and gripping the bed/quilt. His cock had not left her pussy. I glimpsed his balls swaying.

He then resumed fucking her but i think he now had a thumb or a finger still inside her arse. She was almost growling in to the quilt. I knew she was cumming when she made a familiar grunting noise as he kept up his onslaught. He clearly wasnt far behind.

Her face was in the pillow/quilt as he hammered home.

With several very hard slaps he emptied himself inside her.

He grunted once or twice then withdrew and quickly pulled her around to face him.

He sat her up,moved her head nearer to his groin and holding his still wet cock with one hand and her head with the other he fed it in to her mouth. She didnt get a say in it. I think she was still dazed and just did it.

He was still groaning and i guess maybe still cumming.

A minute or so later he pulled out of her mouth,she slumped back on the bed out of breath and he lay on top of her.

He was now kissing her. She was then kissing him too. I could hear she was out of breath and panting. I could even hear their tongues as they snogged. He reached down and i saw him guide his cock back inside her. She said something as if to protest and went to move but he said "leave it there". She lay back again. He wasnt fucking her but he obviously just wanted his cock back inside her.

To cut a long story short i slipped back to the armchair in the living room and sat waiting for them to return. After about ten/fifteen minutes i heard footsteps so made out i was just waking up. They both had books in their hands. He was smiling,she looked i think a little sheepish but smiled.

We were back home an hour later and she rushed for a shower.

Later on that evening we shagged twice. Thats not something that happens often.

Both times were very intense. I fingered her arse whilst fucking her hard from behind the second time and she came heavily.

I am expecting most people to say the usual "You should have joined in" "Confront her" etc but i will wait,bide my time and hopefully more will come of it.

She has not seen him since as she has been with me at all times although i do not know if they have spoken on the phone. I dont mind if they have. I am hopeful of more to come. With or without my involvement.