Written by Kentforpassion

13 Jan 2011

A guy i work alongside often told me about the parties that he goes to at his brother house. His brother lives in a place called Rolvendon in Kent not too far from me.

He would tell me about the things that went on there and i made all the right noises to seem interested but doubted the whole thing.

He said that downstairs all appeared normal. Just a small crowd,some couples and some singles having a few drinks with background music. Its a nice four bedroomed house and seems very respectable. The people whose house it is are a very normal couple and i have met them when they came to where we both work to pick my mate up.

They are both quite large and are friendly,likeable types. They dress conservatively all though her ample breasts were under some strain to remain in check.

However,on party nights each of the bedrooms is available for couples or groups of people to enjoy themselves. It wasnt at all unusual to find a woman being serviced by 3,4 or even more men at one time. Some of the ladies are bisexual and enjoy each others attention either as well or instead of.

He takes his wife who enjoys playing with another lady there. They go in to a room together and spend an hour or so fully enjoying each other. During which other people sometimes watch. She has no interest in other men or women,just this one lady.

He meanwhile watches and wanks,either watching her and her friend or he gazes at the other action in one of the other rooms. He doesnt participate and has only ever stroked another woman on one occasion as she was being fucked hard at both ends by 2 other guys.

Boundaries are respected by all.

I have been invited to attend several times,either on my own or with my wife or even another lady friend.

My wife has always become further aroused during sex when i have talked about sharing her with another man. Like many on here i would enjoy seeing her taken whilst i watch or help out. She knows of the parties and she knows we are often invited.

So far she has always point blank refused to go but during the xmas period she almost relented and seriously considered it.

She said that we could go but stay firmly downstairs.

This would be acceptable to the people who hold the parties as there are people there who just have a drink and a chat downstairs.

The next party is this weekend and we have discussed what we would both wear.

She is still undecided but if she agrees to go she has chosen a black and dark red lacy dress with high dark red stilettos. She has worn this before and looks great in it.

It has a low back and looks sexy but not too over the top.

She has agreed after some persuasion to wear hold up stockings (which she normally wouldnt wear)and a black lacy bra and pantie set i purchased for her some months earlier. She is also having her hair done today to make her feel better about going.

Whilst she still maintains that we are going to remain downstairs i can only hope that with a few drinks to calm her nerves she will venture with me upstairs to at least see what people get up to. Maybe then things can take a different course.

Wish me luck.