Written by jbim04

3 Feb 2007

Of the many experiences I have had over the years (try a search for jbim04 to find some others), one of the more interesting ones was when I met a brother and sister. I guess I’d better tell the story in two parts as it happened on two separate days with a few weeks in between.

I had been on one of my little camping trips alone in the south of England. Through the contact magazine, I had been writing to a couple (I thought) near Oxford. I’ll call them Gill and Dave. At the time I was in my early 40s and they were late 50s.

I arrived at their bungalow as arranged early in the afternoon. They greeted me warmly and, over a cup of coffee, we talked about their experiences and mine. We talked about Studland nudist beach, where I had just been. They had been there and had fun, with Gill stretched out on a towel attracting looks from the wandering males in the dunes. Dave would call each guy over and invite him to wank off over Gill – and that happened 14 times in one afternoon, the cum being left to dry on her.

It was at this point they told me they were not a married couple but brother and sister. Apparently as teenagers they had fucked each other. Then both had married, his wife had died and she had divorced her husband (I suspected from what they said due to ill treatment), so they had set up house together and had resumed some sexual contact. Gill no longer wanted penetrative sex but otherwise was game for fun. They were both bisexual.

We were all getting warmed up by this time and began touching each other. I love to get naked, and it seemed they did as well, because, without saying much, we were suddenly pulling our clothes off as quick as we could to get at each other’s bodies. Gill was sitting on the sofa already stripped as I finished undressing. I walked over to her and she bent forward and took my cock in her mouth. Dave was on the floor right away alongside me and started pushing in to lick my balls before moving behind my and pushing his tongue into my arse. My knees were shaking with this two-sided attack. To stop myself from cumming, I pushed Gill back and got my head between her legs. I eased her forward so I could get my tongue into her slit and as I did I saw her sucking her brother’s cock. Soon we changed round again, with Gill back to sucking me and Dave’s cock in my mouth. We were all on the brink of orgasm all the time, but just managing to hold off. Looking back it was odd really. They were both not at all good looking. Gill was quite skinny with small tits. Dave’s cock was average, cut, and he was a bit overweight. Yet, in spite of their looks, they were intensely exciting sexually.

After a while we came up for breath and Dave went to the phone. Gill told me they had met a woman from the midlands on a walking holiday – Sheila. They had had threesome sex and now Dave was phoning her. He called me to the phone and put it in my hand – what do you say? Sheila asked me what the other two were doing and I describe to her how Gill was sucking Dave’s dick really deep and pushing her finger up his arsehole. I could hear Sheila grunting at the other end and she told me she was rubbing her clit. Dave came back to the phone and described me and Gill doing a 69 in some detail and then told us that Sheila just had her orgasm.

After he put the phone down, it was clear we couldn’t go on much longer. I went down on Gill again and she reached her climax, with a series of quiet “Oh! Oh!” noises. Then she sat back on the sofa and Dave and I wanked off over her face, both producing a good shot of cum which ran down her face and dripped on her tits.

When we calmed down, they invited me to join them in a visit to Sheila – I’ll tell that in part 2.