Written by jbim04

3 Feb 2007

To continue the story (see Siblings Part 1) I did manage to arrange with Gill and Dave that I would meet them at a retirement home in a Midlands town where Sheila was the warden and had a flat.

Sheila turned out to be another woman in her late 50s, grey hair, a slightly baggy body but with reasonably good tits. Gill and Dave arrived soon after me and we went in. At first it was strange as Sheila’s (adult) son was there. We all had a meal together chatting idly. The son then left and we immediately began kissing and touching each other. I had assumed Dave and Sheila would be together and I would get Gill, but Sheila dropped down in front of me, unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock out straight into her mouth. I leaned over her back and undid her dress which she slipped from her shoulders. I also undid her bra and that went the same way. She then stood up and I held her breasts in both hands and bent to suck them in turn.

By this time the other two were nude and in a 69 on the floor. I finished undressing Sheila and pulled my own clothes off. Sheila got on the floor and I went between her legs to push my tongue along her slit from her clit down into her cunt, along to her arse hole and back up the same way. Someone else had his/her mouth on my cock now and a finger was going up my bum. After a while I realised it was actually Dave who was attending to me as Gill appeared wearing a strap-on dildo. Dave and I stood back to watch, feeling each other’s cocks, as Gill lowered herself on Sheila and began to fuck her, first gently and then with increasing power. With her hands, Gill squeezed Sheila’s tits and pulled her nipples - it looked almost painful. Sheila was soon shouting out as she had her first orgasm and I was damn near it. Gill withdrew and gave the dildo to Dave to suck. Sheila waved me to come to her and I slid straight up her cunt, still open from her last fucking. She put her legs behind my back and pulled me into her with some force. Although I tried to last longer, I could feel her cunt gripping me spasmodically as she began having another small orgasm, and that finished me off as I shot my cum up her cunt. Dave pushed me off Sheila and plunged his cock into her cunt immediately. Gill sat me down on the floor and began to lick me clean of my cum and Sheila’s juices. With Dave and Sheila fucking in front of me, and Gill sucking my cock and licking my belly and balls, I recovered unusually quickly but couldn’t reach another orgasm, desperately as I wanted to.

Dave and Sheila started cumming together – it was one of the things which Dave said he liked about her, that she seemed to be able to time herself to him (as she had to me). Gill went down on Sheila to clean her up, she seemed to have a great desire to eat other people’s fluids.

At last we were all worn out and sat relaxing for a while. We had coffee, still nude and gave each other little touches and squeezes. There was a puddle of cum on Sheila’s chair and she said she liked to sit in it. Before we got dressed, there was a last tour round the group, kissing and touching – Dave and I both sporting erections again – but time had run out on us and we broke up.