Written by Dave

16 Sep 2008

We often chatted about swinging and Sue said she didnt have a problem with it. In fact she would like to try but was worried that things would change between us.

Whenever we went away for a weekend Sue would be up for trying but it was always too late to just simply go and find others to swing with.

So I decided that when we next go away I would organise a meeting and only tell her on the night.

Couples were not interested in meeting unless they spoke to Sue and so I decided to organise a single male. It was a gamble and Sue might not want to since we always discussed couples swapping.

I chatted to a chap called Tom that lived near to where we were going to be taking a break. He understood that nothing might happen but was willing to try.

On the night Sue and I had a few drinks in the hotel bar and the conversation got onto sex. She was up for some fun and I said that actually I had organised something if she wanted to try.

Sue was wearing a short skirt, no knickers and a skimpy top. She was a bit taken back that I had organised a single male but relaxed when I said he would meet us and if she didn't want to do anything then no problem.

Sue agreed and after a quick call Tom was on his way. Sue was very wet but nervous.

Tom arrived and despite some awkward introductions we got on quite well. Sue liked him and whispered to me that we should go upstairs.

In our room, Tom and Sue started to kiss and whilst Sue was occasionally looking my way her attention was definatley with Tom. She had her hands down his pant and he was groping her tits.

Sue and Tom stripped off completely. Sue didnt seem to hold back and it shocked me to see her sucking another guy. Tom then put on a condom and was soon fucking Sue. She was loving it and beckoned me over. I had been playing with myself and it didnt take much for me to come in her mouth as the sight of Tom fucking her was too much.

Tom and Sue finished fucking, all of us just chatted for a while. Sue gave Tom a goodbye kiss and we were soon alone just me and Sue.

It was a good night and we plan to do it Erotica 2008 but with a couple this time.