Written by VandN

7 Feb 2008

A few years ago my wife (Nancy) and I were spending the Xmas break at her younger sisters flat. They had been married for about 3 months following a whirlwind romance lasting a whole 6 weeks. As a result no one knew much about Gary my brother in-law. As usual Sarah my sister in-law had produced a great meal and we were all enjoying some chilling music and drinks. As the evening progressed Sarah had rather too much to drink and practically passed out on the couch. I couldn’t help noticing that Gary was paying a lot of attention to Nancy as she was wearing a slinky blouse and short tight skirt. Her legs seemed to go on forever as he commented more than once.

Eventually Gary and Sarah went off to bed, after about half an hour Nancy and I decided to have a slow dance in the dimly lit room. We were both feeling randy and started to undress each other, the prospect of sex in someone else’s house has always turned us both on. Slowly unbuttoning Nancy’s blouse I revealed her beautiful pert breasts (she never wears a bra!). I couldn’t resist running my tongue over her nipples. Meanwhile she was busy stroking my growing erection through my jeans. Within a few minutes I was fully erect and desperate to release my dick – and sure enough Nancy knelt down and proceeded to do exactly that. She slowly pulled down my jeans and boxers at the same time, my dick sprang out only inches away from her soft moist lips. She has always loved sucking dick and started at the base and was soon licking my shaved balls whilst slowly running her long sharp nails up and down my shaft. At this point I managed to get her down on the floor in the classic 69 position – I pushed her short skirt up around her waist and with my tongue I started to tease her pussy lips through the soaking wet material of her thong. I pulled the material to one side and licked at her lips, I adjusted my head slightly to allow me to lick the soft skin between her pussy and tight little arse hole and then continued on to lubricate her arse with my saliva.

At the other end she had already progressed to giving me a good rimming and I repaid the pleasure. After a few minutes of this she finally took my knob end into her mouth and proceeded down the shaft until I could feel the back of her throat, boy can she suck! My dick felt like it was going to explode and I was relieved when she practically demanded that I fuck right there and then on the floor.

We threw some cushions on the floor and as Nancy lay there with her blouse wide open and skirt pushed up I tore her thong off, she spread her legs wide - I knelt down and teased her wet pussy with the end of my knob, holding the shaft I stroked her with the knob - up and down from clit right down to her arse and back. What a sight – I pulled back and pushed it in hard right up to my balls. I started to push in and out slowly letting her juices cover my whole dick. I could feel she was tightening her pussy muscles as I drove my big hard dick in. Continuing to fuck her I gently lifted her arse she put her feet down on the floor and lifted her arse to meet my thrusts, I began to run my hands over her bottom paying a lot of attention to the arse and then without warning slid a finger in to her arse. She went wild and started to convulse this caused me to empty my balls and fill her with spunk as her orgasm shot through her gorgeous body. I lent forward and hugged my beautiful wife.

At that point I looked up and noticed Gary in the open doorway – he must have been standing for a while as he slowly wanked his fully erect shaven cock. I was in two minds about what to do, Nancy hadn’t even noticed and was just coming down from her orgasm. It didn’t really matter what I was thinking as she noticed me looking past her to the door. She jumped up and tried to cover herself up! Gary just smiled and said quietly ‘Thanks for the show! Nancy have you ever had two dicks to play with?’

Nancy is no prude and replied promptly that it looked like he could do with some lubrication on his cock! He didn’t need asking twice! He walked over to Nancy and she slid two fingers up her fanny when she pulled them out we could all see they were covered in her juices and my spunk. She motioned for me to lie on my back and put her knee’s either side of my head and started to grind her soaking pussy over my chest. I grabbed her arse with both hands and pushed her fanny forwards towards my eager mouth. I looked at the fabulous sight, by now Gary had placed his dick in front of her face, she rubbed her spunk covered fingers over his knob gently at first and then started to wank his dick with both hands. His cock looked to be getting even bigger, she soon had the tip of her tongue teasing his glistening helmet – she carried on wanking him and teasing him for a good few minutes while I licked her pussy clean. At last she enclosed his cock and slid her bright red lipstick covered lips down the shaft. I was in heaven the tip of my tongue dancing around her tight little arse and her mouth full of erect cock!

She shifted her hands and grabbed his buttocks and slowly pulled them apart – I could see she had inserted a finger up his anus and was finger fucking him. He was pumping her mouth with long purposeful strokes. The sight of this was making my cock erect, with one hand on her bottom pushing her onto my face I started to play with my own dick. Gary looked down at us both and gave us a naughty grin and then with loud ‘Oh FUCK’ shot his spunk deep into Nancy’s mouth. She swallowed some of it then stood up and French kissed him with her mouth full of his own spunk. They both knelt down on the floor beside me and started to fondle my now fully erect cock. I closed my eyes and felt Gary take it in his mouth to give me a blowjob almost as good as Nancy’s, she sat by and watched whilst gently rubbing her clit. I stood up and got her to finish me off, I pulled out of her mouth just as I came and shot my spunk over her pretty innocent little face! By now it was late and without a word we all retired to our own rooms – well and truly shagged.