Written by Sean

21 Sep 2015

My wife Tina and I who are in our late forties have always had a great sex life and have tried most things .

My wife's sister Rita however was complaining to Tina after one glad of wine to many that her husband had lost interest in sex leaving her frustrated .

She confessed to Tina that she had s fantasy of been fucked by a black guy .

When Tina told me I said I have an idea !

My mate Del who is Jamacian has recently split with his wife and I thought it would be ideal if we could arrange for them to meet.

I must admit I always fancied getting into Rita's knickers but never got the chance .but at least I could now arrange for her to get some BBC.

Tina wasn't to sure but I pursuded her to talk to Rita about it.

In the meantime I approached Del who was very keen to meet Rita.

Tina managed to get Rita to come to dinner and we would invite Del also.

The dinner was arranged for the following Saturday asrita's husband was away on business.

Rita arrived first wearing a white blouse and black skirt with high heels and stockings .

She is a buxom size 18 with short blond hair.

She is 50yrs old but looks younger.

Del arrived shortly after with a case of wine .

After interductions and an appetitive we sat down to dinner.

The wine was flowing and Rita and Del seemed to be getting on well.

By now we were all very merry having consumed several bottles of wine.

And Rita was complaint of it been hot and loosed a couple of buttons on her blouse give Del an eyeful of her ample cleavage

Which he obviously appreciated as he couldn't take his eyes of her tits and Tina elbowed me when she caught me staring as well.

Rita was enjoying the attention and was blatantly flirting with Del.

I whispered to Tina to take her upstairs to our bedroom and Del and I cleared the table..

After about 15 minutes Tina called Del upstairs and left his and Rita in our bedroom.

We had another drink and ajorned to the sitting room.

After about 20 minutes I needed to go upstairs to the bathroom and as I passed our bedroom I could hear a lot of moaning

The curiosity got the better of me and I peeked in through a gap in the door as they hadn't filled closed it.

There was Rita kneeling on the bed naket and sucking Del's cock .

I instantly got an erection as I watched her large breasts sway as she sucked .

I had my cock out having a wank when a hand grabbed my cock from behind .

It was my wife Tina and she started to stroke my erect cock as she whispered in my ear , you dirty bastard wanking over my sister !

She smiled broadly and watched with me through the the gap in the door as Del started to fuck Rita from behind as her tits bounced wildly and she moaned loudly .

It certainly turned on My wife Tina as she knelt and began to give me a blow job.

We quietly crept into the spare bedroom and soon I had my wife's clothes off and was eating her pussy as she lay on bed.

Tina is very noisy during sex and we heard the bedroom door open and there' stood a smiling Del still naket with a high erection and Rita behind him .

As I stood up Del said I see you guys are having too.

My wife Tina burst out laughing as she lay on the bed naket with her legs wide open.

I could see Del's eyes were firmly focused on her shaven pussy as her was on his erect. cock which was about 9 inches.

I gestured to Del that he might as we'll take over there I left off and he need no persuasion to eat Tina's pussy .

My wife moaned loudly and was soon on her knees and had Dels cock in her mouth .

I beckoned to her sister Rita to suck mine and she dropped to her knees as I fucked her mouth as I fondled her large breasts .

Del positioned himself on the bed as my wife mounted his cock cowgirl style .

I got Rita to do the same with me as both sisters bounced on our dicks side by side as they both moaned loudly with each stroke and their breasts bounced .

It was like a porn movie and I was in heaven as I finally got to fuck my sister in law and watch my wife been fucked by my friends big black cock ..

We soon shot.our loads into the sisters before all collapsing on the bed .

We plan to all meet up again soon and my wife and I are hoping to turn it into a regular occurance ?