Written by cherylyn

13 Oct 2009

My partner steve and i went up to visit his brother and wife for a few days like we had arranged.

They had been involved with swinging years ago and we had shared some chats on the subject before never mentioning any names but we are all out in the open about it , it's quite good as the other members of the family know nothing of it.

We spoke the night before we were due to go up and told them what time we would be leaving and roughly arriving as i spoke to liz on the phone the subject got nto the swinging aspect of things and she asked me what is like to be bi and have fun with another woman.

I simply replied well let me show you sometime ! laughing afterwards anyway we rang off and Steve and i went to bed as we had to be up early in the morning.

Steve and i were chatting in bed before going to sleep as usual and he asked what liz and i were talking about so i mentioned what she ahd asked me about being bi etc ... i told him that i said to her let me show you sometime and he seemed to get an instant hard-on.

"would you do it ?" steven asked "no" i replied it would be too weird we're family and i'm hardly going to fuck your Brother.

Steve wanked himself as i was laid on my side going off to sleep and felt his had grab my nipple and tease it , i couldn't help but react it gets me hot every time.

I eased back and he slipped his cock into me punding away like fuck holding my neck and breathing on the back of it i came hard just as he did.

The alarm clock went off at 7am we got up showered and got the things in the car and headed off up the motorway to Paul & Liz's , i text to say we were on the way and Liz text back saying can't wait to see you.

The traffic wasn't bad so we got there about 12ish and knocked on the door.

Liz opened the door and we went in and was greeted by Paul.

We sat down and had a cuppa and a chat .

Steve and Paul went on up stairs as Steve was going to mend Paul's computer for him so Liz and i sat downstairs chatting and having a good catch up and laugh.

She asked if i minded the question she'd asked me last night it's just she has always been curious although they have been out of the scene for many years now she has thoughts about it.

"no" i replied it didn't bother me i'm not ashamed of being bi and i am open and honest.

I was telling her how much i enjoy pleasuring a woman when the boys came down and were going down the road to a well - known computer shop so might as well say they'll be hours once Steve gets in there looking around.

We kissed our men goodbye and off they went happy as larry.

Liz and i prepared some stuff for the evening meal and she brushed back my hair behind my ear and went to kiss my neck.

I backed away and said this would be too weird , she looked upset so i said ok if you really want to try it lets go to the bedroom for some comfort.

we held each other's hand and went upstairs to the bedroom , drew the curtains and stood there for a while looking at each other.

I moved in closer and kissed her gently on the lips to which Liz responded and it wasn't long before we were kissing with our tongues exploring each other's mouths.

I un-buttoned Liz's blouse and revealed her lacy red bra her breasts were about a 38 d cup nice size .

i reached round and un hooked her bra and threw it to the floor.

i gently cupped her breasts and played with her nipples which she seemes to enjoy.

i turned round and took my clothes off and when i turned back round Liz was completely naked on the bed.

Her pussy was shaven and looked lovely i got on the bed beside her and we kissed again i straddle her and kissed down her body to her pussy.

"open your legs " i told her which she did i went down between them and rubbed my fingers over it and rubbed her clit which was hard and sensitive she moaned and she was so wet my fingers slipped down to her hole entrance placed a finger inside her and moved it in and out ,

i placed my lips to her clit and my tongue came out to explore it and taste her.

I gently nibbled and sucked on it whilst fucking her with now two fingers.

she was loving it and after a while she came.

Her body was shaking but she said she enjoyed it.

We heard the front door open we thought it was only a short time after the boys had gone but it was nearly 2 hours.

we quickly got dressed and went down to meet the boys had our nice eveing meal and after the washing up was done we settled down for the evening.

Liz and i had grins on our faces that only we knew why we were doing it.

We were all chatting when we got on the subject of swinging again.

Steve and Paul said only a man can make a woman cum hard and properly.

I said "do you want to bet?" And with that this story ends for the next instalment .....