Written by HnJ

4 Apr 2008

A couple of years ago my wife Jane and I agreed to go on holiday with her sister Karen and her husband, Phil. We all get on really well and often go out dinking together so we were all looking forward to a great time. We had hired a villa and car and spent the first few days touring the beaches. I found myself looking at and comparing the sisters on the beach. Neither had gone topless but their bikinis did nothing to hide their figures. Jane is a curvy size 12 with large soft breasts and a lovely round arse that I have never been able to keep my hands off. On the beach I looked at Karen, she’s a couple of years younger than Jane and slimmer with a cute arse and small firm tits. I also caught Phil making the same comparison from time to time.

On our fourth day we decided to stay at the villa and have a laze in the sun and a barbeque. Phil and I got in lots of wine and beer and so by early afternoon we were all lay on the villas patio in the sun chatting with a beer and feeling pretty merry. As usual the girls were sunbathing in their bikinis and Phil asked Karen why she hadn’t gone topless on this holiday as she usually does. She answered lazily that she didn’t know but that Jane hadn’t either. Jane asked me what I thought and I told her that she knew I didn’t like white bits. “Me neither” she said and unclipped her bikini top. She lap back on her sun lounger with her tits exposed to our brother in law who was unashamedly looking. Karen wasn’t going to let her sister upstage her though and also took her top off. So I also had the treat of seeing my wife’s sister’s tits on show.

The day wore on and we continued drinking and chatting. I was stealing as many looks at Karen’s tits as I dared and comparing them with my wife’s. As we’d drunk a little more we’d loosened up more and more until Karen said to me “I thought you didn’t like white bits?” “I don’t” I replied. “ Then why have you got shorts on?” she giggled. Whether it was the booze or not I thought why not no one can see and said ”your right” and slipped off my shorts so I could sunbathe naked. “I don’t like ‘em either” Karen replied and slipped off her bottoms. Exposing a bald cunt that I could hardly take my eyes off. This time it was Jane who wouldn’t be upstaged and after agreeing with us she to slipped her bottoms of and joined her sister and I in the nude. She was neatly shaven with a thick strip of pubic hair and I knew Phil would be enjoying the sight of my wife’s cunt on display. Both girls looked at Phil and he knew he had to join in. He slipped off his shorts and exposed his semi hard dick. I like to shave my pubic area but Phil was very hairy.

Now we were all naked the conversation started to get much ruder and it was obvious we were all enjoying the freedom of being naked together. As Karen and I were both shaven Phil said we looked like we’d married the wrong sisters. Giggling I said we should swap sisters and to my amazement he looked right at my naked wife and said, “I would”. I looked at her and she said “why not, just for a night,” It may have been the booze but when Karen also agreed it just felt so natural. Phil grabbed a bottle of wine and taking my naked wife’s hand took her up to his and Karen’s bedroom.

After they left I moved over to Karen. I kissed her and she kissed me back hard. After kissing and groping with each for ages I asked her if she wanted to go to bed and she said yes. As we passed their room I could hear Jane’s loud moans and the sound of the bed banging against the wall. It suddenly stopped and I knew Phil was filling my wife’s cunt with his spunk. I lay Karen on the bed and buried my head between her legs. I started to lick her cunt and finger her slowly at first and then picking up speed. I was determined to make the most of this. I took my time revelling in the taste of her juices. Until all at once she grabbed my head and forced me into her I licked as hard and fast as I could and soon her legs started to tremble uncontrollably as she came. She then rolled me onto my back and took my cock in her mouth. It was hard to believe this was my sister in law. I watched as my dick slid in and out of her mouth and her hand played with my balls. The banging sound started again next door and Karen took my cock from her pretty mouth and said “sounds like Jane’s getting another fucking, I want my turn to.” With that she straddled me and impaled herself on my cock. She started to ride my dick, slowly at first and then built her speed until she was slamming onto my meat. I was enjoying what was happening but was also dying to see Jane being screwed. The whole thing was just so sexy I knew I was going to cum. I warned Karen but if anything she just fucked me harder. Seconds later I was cumming and cumming deep into her hot wet cunt.

The sound next door died away and Karen commented that Jane had just got her second load of spunk. We kissed and stoke each others bodies Karen had my cock in her hand and after wanking me for a while took me in her mouth again. She sucked me for ages until I was good and hard again and then I pushed her onto her back. She spread her legs wide and I slipped my cock into her waiting cunt. It felt great screwing her, it was quiet next door and I could imagine that Jane was sucking Phil’s hairy dick. We changed position and I fucked her hard from behind. I held onto her shoulders and rammed my cock into her slapping her arse from time to time. Soon she was screaming that she was cumming and I to felt my sap rising and again filled her wet cunt with my seed.

In the morning we had a lovely slow sensual fuck and Karen finished me off by sucking my cock dry, swallowing a full load of my sperm. We both agreed it had been a great night and went down to breakfast. Jane and Phil were already there and I kissed Jane and asked if she’d had fun. Over coffee we all chatted about what had happened and agreed it had been fun. I admitted that my only disappointment had been that I hadn’t got to see Jane fucking. I went to get changed with Jane and asked what had happened She told me how Phil had fucked her rough and hard and how she’d sucked his big hairy cock. He’d spunked over her arse and tits but not inside her and she hadn’t swallowed him yet, she said.

We never left the villa that day and we never wore anything more than a dressing gown. After eating we all went back to our room and I got my wish as I watched Phil fuck my wife. This time he filled Jane’s cunt with his sperm before watching my screw his wife. The rest of the holiday I slept with Karen and Phil had my Jane in his bed. Although we did fuck our own wives on the last night. It was wonderful hearing my wife tell me what a slut she’d been with her sister’s man. Phil and her had fucked day and night. She told me one night she’d even let him fuck her arse, something she’d never allowed me to do. For my part I’d loved fucking Karen and I’d filled her mouth and cunt with my seed every chance I got.

Unfortunately a couple of months after we got home Karen and Phil split up and I never got to see Phil’s cock in my wife again. But we enjoyed it so much we have often swapped since and I never tire of seeing Jane fucked by other men.