Written by HnJ

10 Apr 2008

Thanks for all your comments about our adventures on holiday. For those of you who showed so much interest this will bring you all pretty much up to date.

Our sex life really changed after we got home. You spend years thinking you know your wife. Then she surprises you and it’s different, better, more exciting but different and if anything it makes you love her more than ever. But every time I looked at her, in my minds eye I could imagine her fucking like a tart with our brother in-law. We talked all the time about how we’d swapped with her sister, Karen and her Husband, Phil. And every time we did it turned us on. We fucked more than we had in years and I loved hearing Jane talk about what it had been like to fuck another man. She knew I was still a little piqued by the fact that she’d allowed Phil to fuck her arse. As she had never let me and still didn’t. It was the sweetest pain to know there was a part of my wife’s body that had had cock in it and mine had never been there. And she teased me all the time about what it had felt like. We both admitted we wanted to do it again. But Phil and Karen were having problems so they were out of the picture.

So we checked out the web. We looked for couples at first but found it really frustrating trying to meet the right ones. It was obvious there were a lot more single guys than anything else and I have to admit that although I wanted to fuck other women I was dying to see Jane fucked again. So I asked her how she felt about a threesome. Jane told me she liked the idea of fucking a stranger, as it had always been a fantasy of hers. So she picked 3 ads she liked and we contacted them to see if they seemed ok.

After swapping quite a few e-mails Rob came to our house. The whole day both Jane and I were nervous wrecks. And right up until he knocked on the door I thought she would change her mind. He was very smart and confident and it was obvious from the moment she saw him that Jane fancied him. He was very attentive as he flirted with my wife. Being new to this we were glad he seemed to know how to start the ball rolling and after about half an hours chatting I walked back into the room with some beers to find Rob kissing my wife and with his hands inside her blouse. Two minutes later he had his cock in her mouth. I couldn’t believe this was my wife acting like a wonton slut. She’d only known this man half an hour and she was sucking his dick. Over the next couple of hours she fucked Rob and I. It was so horny to see her begging Rob to fuck her harder. After screwing my Jane for couple of hours he thanked us and left.

Over the next month Jane had first Steve and then Derek. Each time I joined in but I got the biggest turn on from seeing my lovely wife fuck like a slag. There is nothing quite like seeing a big naked man on your wife as she holds is cock to her fanny so he can fuck her. After we would spend the day in bed and talk about what she’d done and if she’d enjoyed it and we always end up fucking as she teased me by telling me how good their cocks had felt inside her of how much of their spunk she’d swallowed. Then one night as we lay in bed reliving the fucking Derek had given her Jane asked me if the next time she went out with the girls from work, would it be alright to “cop off” and maybe have a one night stand. She told me that before we were married it was something she’d always wanted to do but had never happened. I was shocked but told her that as long as I got every detail it was ok, as I’ve always wanted to make my wife’s fantasies come true. I also asked if I could be in the club she went to just to see that she was ok. But that I would pretend I didn’t know her. She wasn’t sure about that bit but finally agreed. As a treat for me in the meantime Jane finally allowed me up her arse. So I finally got the pleasure of emptying my seed where Phil had a few weeks earlier.

A couple of weeks later Jane was due to go out with a couple of her girlfriends from work on a Friday all girls night. She asked me again if it was ok to be naughty and I again agreed and arranged what club I should be in. When she came down from getting ready all I could think was, “the man who fucks you tonight is a lucky bastard.” Jane’s long auburn her was perfect as was her make up. She was wearing a short black dress that clung to her curvy body, with black hold up stockings and a matching lacy bra and g-string. When her taxi came and she hugged me and her whole body was trembling with excitement.

I had a couple of glasses of wine then got ready and went into town. Soon I was standing at the bar in the club Jane said she and her workmates would be going to. I took my time over a beer looking and feeling like a real “Billy no mates”. I had been in there about an hour and was just beginning to think Jane was going elsewhere when she came in with a couple of other girls. I stayed at the corner of the bar out of the way and watched. The 3 girls where soon dancing and as Jane danced you could just glimpse her stocking tops. One of the girls with her had a very low cut top on showing ample cleavage and the other a fine pair of legs on show and a backless dress that allow her braless tits to bounce. It was blatantly obvious that all 3 were looking to pull.

Soon enough they attracted lads to dance with them. Jane was soon moving with a lad who looked about 20 (she’s in her late 30’s). Within seconds she was kissing him and he was feeling up her arse. I lost sight of Jane for a couple of minuets then saw her in a dark corner of the club as she kissed and groped with him. My cock was rock hard and it was all I could do not to walk over to her. I went to the toilet and phoned my wife’s sister, Karen and asked if she wanted some company. I’d fucked her a couple of times since her split with Phil and thankfully she said yes. I think if she’d said no I’d have stopped Jane. In the taxi on the way to Karen’s I got a text from Jane telling me she’d pulled and not to wait up. She also said she hoped I’d enjoyed the show in the club.

At Karen’s I couldn’t wait to get her in bed but all that was in my head was what Jane would be doing. I soon had Karen in naked and let her take my mind of Jane as we had a long mutual sucking 69. Karen is a great cocksucker (just like Jane) and soon I was aching to screw her. So I got on top of her with her legs over my shoulders and rammed my cock into her as hard as I could. Karen is a good looking woman and a great fuck but all that was in my head was what Jane had looked like as various men had done this to her over the last month or so. And soon as Karen groaned and screamed I pulled my cock out of her cunt and let my spunk fly all over her tits and belly. I then collapsed onto her and we lay hugging as we recovered. I spent the night there and fucked her again in the morning before leaving her early with a lingering kiss and a cunt full of sperm.

When I got home the house was empty and Jane didn’t get home till after one in the afternoon. She was knackered and just wanted a shower and to go to bed. She had a massive lovebite on her neck and more on her tits and had come home minus her g-string. It was later on Sunday morning as I slowly fingered her that she told me what had happened.

The lad I’d seen kissing and groping her in the club had been called Ian but she hadn’t fucked him. He’d lived at home with his mum and Jane didn’t want to get caught so she’d allowed him to finger fuck her in a cubicle in the ladies and wanked him off. He’d spunked over her hand then given her his number and left. She’d left the club with a man called John. He was older and had his own flat She told me how sexy she’d felt pulling this man with her hand still warm from Ian’s cum. He’d followed the usual club protocol. Bought her a drink, danced with her, Kissed her, felt up her arse, then felt up her tits as they kissed and waited for a taxi.

In the taxi he’d continued kissing her and stuck a finger in her cunt. Jane told me how her legs had been wide open for him to finger her minge even though the Asian taxi driver was watching in his mirror. When the taxi pulled up at Johns flat the driver told John he was a lucky man and that Jane was a sexy lady. So as a tip she peeled off her sodden g-string and gave it the driver. She then flashed him her arse as John walked her to his flats door.

She said the flat was a mess with dirty plates and clothes all over. She didn’t care though all she wanted by then was a bed and a cock. She’d sat John down and then stood in front of him. She then removed her dress and bra and was standing in front of this stranger in just her hold ups as he took pictures of her with his phone so he could show his mate what a lucky sod he was. She then told me how she got onto her knees and took his cock out. “Not the biggest I’ve had” she said “ just a bit bigger than yours”. She then described how she’d sucked his cock. After just a couple of minutes and without warning her he’d shot his spunk into Jane’s mouth. She wasn’t happy about this as she wanted to fuck and told him so. “Don’t worry you will be” he’d said and showed her to his tiny bedroom. She heard him on the phone but thought nothing of it and then he joined her in bed. He explored her body with his hands and lips as she played with his flaccid cock.

After 10 minutes or so of this there was a loud banging on the door. John answered it naked and another man followed him into the bedroom. “This is Pat my brother” he told her. “ I thought he could join us.” Jane was stark naked on the bed and Pat was giving her a good looking over. She said he looked a lot older that John, had a beer belly and needed a shave but she said, “OK”. Pat stripped quickly and joined them on the bed. Jane took his fat hairy cock in her hand and soon had him hard. “Now fuck me” she ordered him. She said he was very hairy and that it was like being fucked by a gorilla. John was watching and wanking his quickly stiffening dick. She told me that Pat fucked her really roughly. Slamming his stiff cock into her and slapping her arse hard as she screamed for more. “He didn’t give a fuck if I enjoyed it” she said. And pretty quickly he’d shot his spunk over her reddened, quivering arse.

Instantly John replaced him between her legs and started to pound her cunt with his meaty cock. Pat pushed his cock at her lips and although it was covered in her own juices she took it in her mouth and sucked him. Over the rest of the night the brothers took turns fucking my wife. “I felt like a whore,” she said. I asked if she’d like the feeling and had fun as I slid my fingers in and out of her dripping fanny. “Loved it” she groaned.

By the mid-morning she’d fucked John and Pat to a standstill and was thinking about coming home when there was a knocking at the door. John put a towel on and someone came into the flat. Jane realised that her clothes were in the other room and Pat was snoring at the side of her wrapped in what bedding there was.

“Fuck it” she thought and told me that she got out of bed wearing just her laddered hold ups and made her way to the lounge were voices were coming from. She told me how she opened the door a crack and looked in. She could see John pulling on a pair of dirty jeans and hear the voice of another man. John was telling him what a dirty bitch he’d brought home last night and the other man was obviously looking at the phone pic’s and approving. Jane then opened the door walked in and asked if her dress was in there. She glanced at the man (she never did get his name) and he was taking in every inch of her naked body.

“You look like you’ve had fun,” he said to her and she turned and faced him. Giving him the benefit of a proper look at her tits and pussy. “He was fit as fuck” she said. She told me how she’d thought, “If I let that fat bastard in the bedroom fuck me, then I’m having you Mr”. She sat with them her dress forgotten. “I was making it bloody obvious he could shag me” she told me “but it took him ages to get the message.” She’d sat opposite him naked with her legs open for him to look. Told him he had a big bulge in his jeans and finally told him he looked like he’d be a great shag. Eventually he had got the message and fucked her as she bent over the sofa and John wanked on the chair saying “see told you she was a dirty bitch!” It was her first fuck of the night were the man cared if she came she told me. “He took his time and really fucked me properly”. Eventually after giving her a crashing orgasm as John looked on. He’d pulled his cock from her well-used cunt and spunked over her face.

She’d cleaned herself up and the stranger had offered her a lift. She was determined not to ask what he was called (she said it was sexier that way) but accepted the lift and gave him her mobile number. On the way home she’d even given him a blowjob as he drove. “He is really fit” she told me “if he calls he can defiantly have my arsehole”.

With that I fucked her amazed at what she'd done and added my seed to the load after load she’d taken over the last few hours and wondered if the stranger would call.