Written by Stevejane

15 Nov 2013

Steve and I have been swinging now for about 5 years , just recently we have started to go to La Chambre in Shefield on friday nights , i have posted a couple of posts about our encounters on here.

It was on one of these visits that we met Keir , he was about 30 dark hair and very sexy body, he told us he was from Durham which is about 20 miles from where we live , as it was to late to play in the club we exchanged mobile numbers , and promised to get in touch

Well Steve and I have pretty hectic work lives so it just passed ny mind, and I forget . Then whilst just having a chilling night in on saturday , I got a text from Keir telling me he was in Darlington with two friends and just thought he would say hello by text, even tho it was now 9.30 I asked him what bar they were in , i Said steve and I would meet him at 10.30 for a drink . After a quick shower and change into a sexy dress we headed into town.

We met Keir and his two mates in the bar we said he introduced us to Matty and Jay telling them that he met us in a club in Shefield. After about an hour the sexual comments were coming thick and fast from the lads as they had been drinking all night and were slightly tipsy.

Keir went to the toilets and I followed him , I wated for him in the corridor and even tho it was busy we just started to kiss , I was so horny stood around other people kissing a guy 20 years my junior, I asked if he could lose his mates and come back to our house , but he told me he couldnt , so in for a penny i said well you had all better come back then, we booked a taxi and left.

When we arrived at our house Steve got some drinks for us all and put some music on. I sat on the sofa between Keir and Matty , Jay was on the floor and steve in his chair watching my every move , it wasnt long before Keir was kissing me again this time lifting my dress up and feeling my pussy through my now very damp panties, at this point I felt another hand on my breast stroking my nipple , I knew this was Matty , I was stroking Keirs cock through his jeans enjoying the hardness of it knowing I wanted it . Steve then broke the mood by suggesting we go up stairs. All five of us made our way to the bedroom , once inside I just looked at Steve and told him to sit and watch , within minutes I was naked on the bed sucking Jays cock whilst Matty was fucking me and Keir was pulling my hair telling his mates not to cum yet, I was just soaking I kept looking at Keir who was now stroking his cock, it was then that he said "my turn " and both the lads stopped and left me to him , Keir pressed me down on my back lifting my legs over his shoulders , then he thrust his cock deep inside making me gasp., He was calling me his slut his cock whore telling me he was going to fill me with cum and a few minutes later he did , biting my boob as he did filling me with his young spunk , as he softened his cock slid from me , I was just lying there cum dripping from my pussy and then his two mates were either side of my face wanking there cocks , within seconds of each other both came covering me with spunk I must off looked a real slut !!! I left the guys there as I went into the En Suite to clean up.

When i came out the guys had gone downstairs, I put my robe on and joined them again in the sitting room, Keir just laughed at his mates as i sat next to steve , dont get to comfortable were all going back to bed in a minute, that was just your starters,, Steve just grinned and I knew it was going to be a long night .............