Written by Bondiboy

30 Mar 2007

My wife and I visited her home town in slovakia a few years ago where there are several mixed saunas as is the tradition there. We went on our own to a quite small and intimate sauna, all very innocent as they're not just a cover-up for something more seedy like over here - they are genuine saunas! There were 2 small, narrow changing rooms, not male and female, just mixed but the one lucia went in was pretty full of women so i went in the other one as i was a bit unsure about undressing in front of other women. We went to the sauna together where there were a few older men. We all had a sheet which was optional to wear - all these men just sat on them so had their cocks out. I did the same but lucia covered up. I think she was enjoying the fact that they were all dying for a glimpse so she slowly started to show more flesh and cocked one leg up to her chest so that i could see her fanny but the other men couldn't. I was starting to get hard so tried to cover my throbbing penis with my sheet. As we left to cool off in the shower we realised that they were all mixed as well so even if u decided to cover up in the sauna there was no escape in the shower. As lucia got off the bench in the sauna, she pretended to lose grip of her sheet and dropped it to the floor, bending down to pick it up, giving the guys an eyeful. They quickly followed and as lucia was showering, they stood watching her which she enjoyed even more, using the soap to quite imaginative effect. One guy in particular, possibly in his 50's (we're late 20's) was taking a keen interest in lucia and she noticed. She walked out of the shower towards him where her sheet was left and looked him straight in the eye with a suggestive look, staring straight at his penis. This continued for the next hr or so, sauna then shower with this guy in close proximity to us. We decided to leave after an hr and a half and as we separated from each other to get changed guess who was sharing lucia's dressing room? He came in seconds after her, with no-one else in the dressing room. She decided to put on a show for him. She always put moisturing cream on her body after a shower and started to apply it all over with the guy just yards away. She sat down on the bench and started on her tits then her legs and very slowly worked towards her vagina. She would place her leg on the opposite bench and really expose herself whilst putting the cream on. The guy couldn't believe his luck and was very hard by now and not hiding it. She was sat down, legs spread and applying inside her now, just teasing the guy to death. She then tried to apply it to her back, looking at the guy as if to say i may need some assistance here. He asked in slovakian if she needed some help. Lucia replied that would be nice and thus arched her back as he applied cream to it. He asked her to bend over slightly more as the cream was running striaght to the ground. She did this and he was now working towards her ass and applying it here. She could even feel his hard cock rub against her ass, getting closer all the time. She was so wet by now and had one hand close to her pussy, just brushing it to bring her to climax. It got to the stage where he was about to attempt to enter her from behind when she pulled away as anyone could walk in at any moment. This didn't stop the show, as she then started to dress, putting her mini skirt on and delibarately not putting her knickers on so the guy knew she was commando, increasing his desire even more. As she left she again accidently dropped her bag and proceeded to bend down double and expose her entire behind and fanny to the guy for one last glimpse. She turned around and saw the guy furiously wanking away on the bench. At this, Lucia went over and sat opposie him with her legs crossed in sharon stone style so that he could see her fanny. She then started to hoist her skirt up and finger herslef too which brought the guy off in seconds. She then got up and walked off, with a cheeky look at the guy.