Written by Kentforpassion

12 Feb 2011

Some weeks back i wrote a short message on here about how a guy at work and his Mrs go to swinging parties at his brothers house. He had invited me and my Mrs several times but due to her reluctance and dislike of anything "pervy" we had always refused.

Slowly i had managed to convince her that there was no pressure to get involved in anything that we didnt want to. All the action goes on upstairs,downstairs it is just a normal party in every way.

She finally agreed to go.

Mind you,we didnt go the first week as she backed out at the last minute but the following week we went along.

We met my mate from work (minus his Mrs who that week was away at her sisters) at a pub near us and after a quick drink got a taxi from there to his brothers house.

The house is in Rolvendon. It is a fair size and looked very nice as we drew closer.

We could hear there was a party going on but it wasnt overly loud.

His brother answered the door and welcomed us inside.

Wine was poured and and we were introduced to several of the couples and singles,they all seemed very friendly without being suggestive or giving knowing looks as i thought would happen and my wife seemed to relax.

We chatted in particular to one couple and another guy who were about the same age as us and from a similar background. I lost sight of our hosts and couldnt see my work mate either but we were becoming more and more engrosed in the conversation.

Several people commented on my wifes dress and her long blonde straight hair,saying how lovely she looked. She was laughing and really enjoying the company.

The evening passed without event and around 1am i enquired as to the whereabouts of my mate to be told he had left a while earlier. We phoned a taxi and made our way home having said our goodbyes. My wife was in a happy mood and reassured.

On the Wednesday evening we got a call from the hosts of the party inviting us to a restaurant near us for a meal. There were quite a few people going and we accepted.

Again it was a great evening. The restaurant was within walking distance from our house so we had several drinks and had a really good time.

A week or so later we were invited back to the house for another Saturday night party. My mate from work and his wife were both going and would give us a lift which was handy so we agreed. We all had a drink at ours then off we went.

Same as last time everything was happy and normal and we were made really welcome.

She was once more complimented on her dress and hair by several people. The dress was backless and quite clingy,i thought she looked lovely.

I soon got talking to this guy who was in to classic cars like myself and so failed to follow my wife when she wander off in to the conservatory with a guy we had talked to at the restaurant previously. About an hour or so later i went looking for her and found her still with him. They were with another couple in the kitchen area. The music was slow and she was dancing with him. I could tell she had drank more than she normally does as she seemed a bit wobbly but happily so. He held her around the waist and seemed to be slowly stroking her bare back.

She was giggling and laughing at things he was softly saying in to her ear.

He glanced at me and smiled,i smiled back.

I nipped off to the loo for a few minutes and when i returned they were missing.

Looking around i saw no sign of either of them.

Seeing i was searching for my wife the hostess looked over and nodded in the direction of another of the side rooms. I wandered over and entered a fairly dark room lit by wall lights. For a moment i thought i was on my own. The walls were mainly all book cases but in one corner was a desk. Seated behind the desk was the guy my Mrs had been talking to and sitting on his lap was my Mrs.

I went to speak but then thought better of it.

They were snogging like a couple of teenagers.

As my eyes became adjusted to the light i could see he was stroking her thighs with one hand and her long hair with the other,she affectionately held his face gently as they locked tongues.

He knew i was there but she was too intoxicated both with the drink and the moment to notice me. I shuffled back in to the doorway but remained watching them.

Glancing behind me i noticed our hostess look over and smile, i smiled back then returned my gaze to my wife and this new stranger.

It was difficult to see clearly but i gathered her dress had now risen further up.

I watched as she adjusted her position slightly and he gently moved her thighs apart. There wasnt a lot of room behind the desk despite the enormous armchair they were seated on. He moved his hand further up her thighs as they continued to firmly lock tongues. My cock was as hard as a rock and straining as i heard her gasp. He had gone beyond the tops of her hold up stockings to find her pantie clad pussy and was seemingly toying with her,making her pant and groan.

She now sat astride him,they were trying to make the best of the space they had.

Her dress was up around her waist and between kissing her i could tell he was using both hands on her pussy. He must of then pulled her panties to one side to gain access. There was this moment that i will always remember when she seemed to jerk as if someone had shot a small bolt of electricity in to her. She gasped again and pushed down on to him.

Not only was he playing with her lovely creamy smooth shaven pussy he had obviously inserted a finger or two inside her. She squirmed and ground against him. She leaned backwards to allow him better access and gazed down to see what he was doing to her then she moved forwards and they passionately kissed again.

As they were kissing i watched her rising up and down on his hands.

She froze then sped up just a touch then froze again. She then seemed to hover perfectly still as he worked on her,i could see his arms moving beneath.

I heard her call out. A deep noise. It was low grunting thank god,so after a quick look behind me i was reassured nobody else had heard. She had cum. She shook and he held her. She looked fantastic. They were still kissing and he held her waist. As i watched them i saw him take hold of her hand and place it down towards his groin. Obviously on the bulge in his trousers. She started to rub at it as they kissed.

He said something to her then moved backwards and positioned her on the edge of the desk facing him,her dress still crudely up around her waist. I moved back further in to the doorway in case she looked behind her,i was now just peeping my head around the door frame watching them.

He had very quickly undone his trousers and pulled them down along with his pants. As he slumped there i watched him wanking his cock as she sat facing him. She was still on a high and breathing heavily. She just gripped the edge of the desk and watched him. He reached forward and took her hand. He circled it around his erect cock and she held it without any movement for a second,then she started to wank him slowly and firmly. Up and down she went,watching almost shocked but mesmerised by what she was doing.

As she became more relaxed with his cock in her hand he groaned,loving the attention.

He reached forward and tried to gently pull her forwards. I was not sure if he wanted to get inside her or if he wanted her to suck him. She resisted however and stayed on the edge of the desk. She had quickened her pace a little and he wasnt about to last much longer. She was using both hands now but i couldnt make out what she was doing with her other hand. I heard him groan and moments later saw him shoot several jets of cum up over his shirt,she continued to wank his cock throughout. I could even hear little wet noises as she didnt stop stroking him.

They kissed and she eventually let go of him,they seemed to come down from the high.

She started to pull her dress back down and he was trying his best in vain to clean himself up.

I drew back from the door and moved over to one of the fireplaces where there was a bottle of red wine. I found a glass and moments after pouring myself a drink and having a good glug she wandered out of the room i had found her in.

I looked surprised and asked her where she had been.

She said she had just had to have a quick sit down as the drinks had gone to her head. As she spoke she kept glancing at the door to the room,i guess in case he appeared but he didnt.

She was smiling but asked if we could make a move home as she was tired.

A taxi was called and soon we were back indoors at our house.

We showered and went to bed where we made love for some time,my cock was harder than ever before.

I asked her if she fancied going again in a week or two and she said she would love to. I havent told her i saw her and i probably wont in case i spoil things.